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Sort of an Alarming End :s

My original plans for this afternoon were to leave the apartment around 5, and take the bus to the train station. However, as per usual (now that we've done it several times in a row) Madius and I went to KFC for lunch, and on the way there I sort of mentioned that there would be no way I'd walk all the way back to Via Rail, and he responded by saying that they were more than likely going to drop me off.

So I figured "Okay. That gives me another hour and twenty minutes at most", and as luck would have it, they had to take their TV back anyways, because it wasn't working. Unfortunately, Cola brought along the receipt for a scale the first time, but the TV was hauled into the store anyways, from where we went back to the apartment so they could look for the receipt.

I set about packing my things up there, and waited for another ten minutes or so afterwards. We left again at ~6:20, and pulled up in front of the train station at 6:35, which was exactly sixteen minutes early, according to the time on my ticket. So inside I went, after saying our "Goodbye"s and such again, and had enough time to sit down, turn my PSP on, and open Homer's RIN. Right after that, a rumbling noise could be heard, and within short order, the train pulled up. They announced the train's number first, which was 75, and sure enough, upon looking at my ticket, I found that was the one I was supposed to be on.

Walked outside and got on anyways, and sure enough, another announcement was made about how they'd arrived in London earlier than expected, and that the train wouldn't be leaving 'till 6:51, because it wouldn't go over well if somebody was on their way to get on :s It's just sort of unnerving though, because if I had walked into the station when the train was already there, I would've assumed it was a different one, and sat down and waited for the train back to Chatham :x

Anyways, until I get home, that's it, because watching the scenery go by and thinking about the past couple days is, at the moment, much more interesting than writing this ^^;

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