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Home Again (Until the 22nd)~

It's sort of interesting to note how things have progressed since back in April too. That time, I spent most of my time doing stuff on my laptop, and said very, very little. Honestly, that's the easier (but less fun way) to do things, because if you don't do or say anything that isn't expected of you, nothing can really go wrong. For example this past time, I had Madius quite pissed off with me for ten minutes or so because I waited 'till the very last minute on Monday night to go put my footpaws on :x Long story short, I originally figured you'd have to wear bowling shoes no matter what, but Cola gave everybody a quick rundown of the prices before we left, and mentioned that the fursuiters wouldn't have to pay for shoes, so I grabbed my footpaws, and ran into the bathroom. Cue being hollered to several times, and eventually hearing "Kar, we have to go! We're already late!" in an anxious tone of voice, and things turn out to be not very good :\ The rest of the night was really fun, but that part wasn't :s

Anyways, getting back on track, things picked up from there, and I started getting slightly more involved each time. More or less *not* feeling that Cola was the only one I could say anything to because I knew him ^^; Last time was fun, because alot happened in just a few hours, and I got to do everything I wanted to, but this time was even better, for going out for bowling and having lots of fun there ^^ Oh, and for Deoge, I, unfortunately, did not kick very much tail, as you may expect from our experience(s) at the Wheels ;_; If my memory serves though, I came in 3rd the first game, and 2nd for the other, which isn't too bad~ Strype and Frost beat us all, if it makes a difference, but I don't think anybody there was really bent on winning.

The one part of the night that seemed weird at first was how everybody suddenly seemed to know my name. The idea of everybody going to Cola or Madius and asking "Who's he?" is extremely silly, but they somehow knew, despite only being asked my name by Runa one time. Then I realized "Oh, yeah, it was on the scoreboard thing at the bowling alley, and Cola told it to the guy at the counter before I stepped up to give him the proper spelling."

But anyways, as the title of this entry says, now to wait for the 22nd. That actually happens to be a Monday, so I *will* be waiting for the bus at Adelaide if necessary. I'm pretty sure my original intentions were to visit Josh on the 24th, but that all depends on when, where, and most importantly, if he still wants to do anything at all. Apparently his 360 broke the first day he was there, so playing videogames is out of the question, but to my mind, the best / easiest meet-up plan is to find and go to Tim Hortons, and see if we want to do anything else from there. The obvious problem is contacting him about it in the first place, but I'll probably send him an email sometime before the end of next week. All I know is I'll have to be at the train station for 9:20. The train actually leaves at 9:28 (I think), but after today, I realize being there a little early can be helpful.

Before I get to the requisite "Here's everything that happened" LJ-cut, just a few other things.

[1] Somebody has been in my room since I left on Sunday. I don't know who, and I don't know what for (obviously), but it's rather annoying both ways.

For one, my Neocube was, when I left, stacked up into a small hollow cylinder shape. Each ring was made of ten magnets, and there were four left over at the top. It was on my dresser in what I assume to be the same spot I left it when I got home tonight, but it was instead wrapped up in a spiral shape. Slightly unusual, but I know I meant to bring it to London with me, but I didn't have it when I got there, so perhaps it got dropped on the floor somewhere, and whoever found it knew it was mine.

Secondly, there is a single brown Reese's Pieces candy on my floor that cannot be mine since I haven't eaten that sort of candy in a while. What I do know, however, is that there's a bag of said candy out in the TV room, which is most likely Naomi's. Once again though, sticking with the idea that somebody found my Neocube and put it back in my room, there is a chance the candy might've been on the floor (thanks to the cats), which was then kicked into my room.

And finally, quite possibly the strangest thing, my giant tail has been moved. Not a whole lot, but the mattress cover underneath it came loose a while back, and instead of putting it back on properly, I took the lazy way and shoved it as far back towards the corner as I could, and stuck the tail down on top of it, and that worked. Since Sunday though, somebody has lifted it up or done something else with it, and as a result, it doesn't look quite the same as before

Now, as far as I can tell, nothing is actually missing, but it's still weird. I'll definitely have to ask tomorrow.

[2] As planned, I sent one last email to Chesh before leaving on Sunday that, in sum, asked if they could be done for Halloween instead, and received a reply from her later that evening, at exactly 7:00, for what it's worth. She said the ears are done, but also that due to illness in her immediate family, she hadn't been able to send them out yet. One other thing I did ask is that she reply back by the 2nd, because that way, if there was still nothing by then, I'd send SPark money for a pair, and I guess she (Chesh) took that to mean "Please have them out by the 2nd", because the last thing she said was "I'll be heading off to the post office this Tuesday". So yay (^^) and erf (:s) at the same time. I'm both excited and happy to hear that they'll be getting sent out soon (or rather, should have already gone out by the time I wrote this), but I also feel sort of bad for being so impatient and in a rush when I didn't know specifically what she had going on. One way or the other though, it's too late to change things now, and I'll probably have them for the 22nd, which will be awesome. It's not a fursuiting event, I know, and while I realize it's rather impractical to do everything all day in a full suit, that doesn't have to stop me from going with tail, ears, and possibly footpaws >:3 Although I do have to keep in mind SPark will have the only tail I've gone there with so far at that point... I'll figure something out though~

There's something oddly cool about going to bed when it's still dark out (~6 in this case), then waking up several hours later, just enough to think you're at home in bed, then opening your eyes and finding that you're actually somewhere much better. Well, better in this case being where furries are, because furries are fun, but yesh <3 And then also, as I just said, it was still dark out when I went to bed, but the next time I opened my eyes, everything looked bright and sunny and awesome. I don't know how to explain it, exactly, but it was something to do with the natural light, and how much different it looked compared to when I fell asleep.

Anyways, it was almost 9 when I woke up. I didn't realize that, however, and instead figured it must be around 2 or so in the afternoon, because that's when I normally first wake up, and there were also noises from the kitchen which sounded like somebody doing the dishes, which isn't really something you'd do first thing in the morning :s And also, I was fully alert and everything, so if I hadn't checked my laptop, I would've gotten up and dressed, then walked over and looked at the clock in the kitchen to see I still had about five hours to sleep, possibly more :p I flipped open my laptop though and, noticing what time it was, figured it was best that I didn't get too involved with anything at the moment (reading stuff online, for example), so I put some music on, then rolled over and stared at the ceiling for a bit~ Not too long after that, I started feeling tired again, and sure enough, I'd fallen back asleep in short order. Woke up again an hour or so later (10-something), and had enough energy to flip my laptop open again and check the time, before closing it and once again falling asleep. The same thing happened several more times after that, pretty much every hour until 2, so next time I'm there, I plan on trying to sleep facing the other way one night. That way the sun and light would be shining on my legs if anything. Yes, the slightest amount of light is enough to disrupt sleep, but I'm not about to be really fussy in this situation.

So the most you really need to take from the above paragraph is that I woke up some time in between 9 and 10, and kept waking up and falling asleep again once an hour after that 'till 2. I'm getting to be pretty tired right now as well, and when that happens, I don't care quite as much about what I'm writing, which really helps ^^ And before I forget, while I was asleep, I had a dream that Cola and Madius had a cat, and that it kept meowing (it was so cute too <3) and waking me up. Last I knew Cola had mentioned something about getting a cat as well, which is interesting, but meh. That dream was definitely influenced, if not directly caused by having linked Noir to this movie earlier in the afternoon, and watching a bunch of the related videos after it. Not that it matters, but I'm saying it anyways.

After that, I got out of bed (finally) and went off to the bathroom to take care of things. As it would happen, Cola was there as well, in his room, and glanced right at me as I walked past. Had I known he was in there, I would've at least wrapped a blanket around myself (I had a pair of shorts on - nothing else), but he didn't say anything, so whatever. From there, I tidied up where I had been sleeping (the couch and blankets), got dressed, and sat down on the couch to figure out what was wrong with my laptop. It was happening last time I was there too, but it would periodically disconnect from the internet, but not completely or something, because I had to either right-click on the icon in the system tray and go to "Repair", or actually disconnect and reconnect from their wireless internet. Sure enough, shortly after that it stopped working completely, and Cola walked out shortly afterwards, saying something about problems with the internet.

It was then that I went out for Wendys, because I was hungry, and figured I might as well make use of the time. Even though I only go there about once a month, I seem to be making a reputation for myself. As soon as I walked into the place, one of the (older) employees behind the counter said "... and Mr. Tail. How are you doing today?" Yesh. But that's fine and fun. I really don't care if they say random stuff like that, and I'm pretty sure any, well, more uncouth comments were either saved for the back, or until I'd gone. Ordered two things though, and turned around to leave. As luck would have it, an elderly man and woman were walking in at the same time, so I held the inside door open for them, and the lady told me "You'd better turn back and stay here sir. It's a real scorcher out there." Yes, I'm well aware that it's hot. I had to literally wait for the shirt I wore to the apartment to dry, because sweating + having a backpack hold it firmly against your back is not a good combination. Off I went anyways though, and got yelled at by some random man or woman once again, but an interesting thought crossed my mind as a result. It's most likely a definite thing here in Chatham, but even in London, I am quite possibly the only one walking around with a tail at a given point in time. Not trying to sound full of myself either, but although convincing myself to actually do them is a different story entirely, I find doing weird or unusual stuff like that fun ^^

Moving on though (for we're not even at the furmeet yet), upon getting back to the apartment, I found that with, as Sunday, the front door was propped open for the purpose of carrying things in and out. School's starting again, of course, so all the college kids have to move their things in, I guess. But up to 209 I went, and opened the door to see Cola and Deramin in the kitchen talking about something. I think I remember hearing a bit about a couple Toronto furs coming up for the meet, but that's about it. And for Deramin, you need to explain your "meat muffin" :s There are two things it could be, and I dearly hope it's something to do with that "meat meet" you guys had a while back :p

So yeah. I sat down, ate, watched Pinky & the Brain, chatted with Noir, and did other things 'till ~5, which was when Cola said he was going to pick up Madius, and that I could come along if I'd like, and I did, because I wanted to get outside and go somewhere other than just down Adelaide street to get food :s While we were waiting in the parking lot, a bird literally flew into the car, and made quite a fuss attempting to fly *through* the windshield, but I opened my door and shooed it out. Madius came out shortly after that though, so we left once again. On the way, they mentioned something on the radio about how a rumor was going around that "The Dark Knight" was now supposedly the best-selling movie ever, but it was actually, as he (Madius) thought, "Titanic". Then something was said about how there was actually an alternate ending filmed (involving a diamond or ring or something), but I didn't have the heart to say I haven't even seen the movie to begin with :x

We arrived back at "home" right around 6 though, and despite being told not to run off, Madius went to do something on his own, leaving Cola and I to eat supper by ourselves, which was this really good "lasagna bake" stuff. We went off to do our own things after that, and things start getting a bit blurry from there.

The meet normally starts at 7, but as I recall, nobody showed up until 7:30 or so. Everybody mostly talked and asked what was going on with bowling, until the two Toronto furs (Morgan and Dobie) arrived, at which point we introduced ourselves for their benefit, and went back to what we had been doing before. In my case, repeatedly clicking the StumbleUpon button while having Cooper laying in my lap looking at the pages that loaded. The things we do to pass time ^^ It was announced that we were ready to leave at some point after that, and I refer you to the beginning of this entry for my putting-on-of-the-footpaws problem :x That might not have been the smartest idea for another reason too. While we were driving down to the bowling alley, we still had to walk to the car, and my footpaws are the indoor type. While they won't get horribly damaged from being worn outside (as long as I'm careful), they will get dirty, and that's exactly what happened. The entire sole on both is now light brown ;_; I'm sure they could be cleaned though, so whatever.

Anyways, interestingly enough, I was told to go along with Morgan and Dobie, one of whom is one of the furs that'll be at that meet in Toronto in November, who I was specifically warned to be wary of. After getting a ride there and back *and* bowling with him, I have to say the only unusual thing is that he talks with a lisp *shrug*

Bowling was fun, enjoyable, and, before we paid, slightly amusing too. The guy at the counter, after asking us what we were all up to, said something like "This is (going to be) awesome." ^^; I can't remember if he said the three words in brackets, but they're there just in case. After giving our names so we could be put on the scoreboard, we were assigned to lanes 7 and 8 (at least I think, for the latter), and off we went. Well, first, Cooper asked me to find a light-as-possible ball for her, so I did, and grabbed my own to use as well, then walked back over to the ball-return thing, set it down, and did stupid thing #, well, either 1 or 2, depending on whether you want to count the footpaws thing as one or not. Cooper and I had been poking each other back and forth throughout the rest of the night, and as I walked back from setting my ball down, she smacked my arm in fun, so I turned around and did the same to her "cheek" (she was in suit, so it wasn't her actual cheek :s). I very, very much dislike getting yelled at :x Specifically "No! That was actually my ear!" or something similar :\ The rest of our two games went alright, except for me accidentally taking one of Morgan's turns (I don't know how, but I guess I thought it was mine), but he took one of mine, so that worked out. Better for him too because I actually hit some pins, whereas he hit none ^^; Pictures were taken too, which I'm eagerly awaiting having the chance to look at, but perhaps tomorrow or something~ Oh, and there was one more slightly embarrassing thing too, where, after having taken my turn, walked back to the table to get a drink of water, and have Dobie, who was in suit as well wave me closer. At first I thought he wanted to say something, so I turned my ear towards him, but he kept doing it, so I leaned in even closer and he rubbed / patted my back. I'm sorry, but it was literally my first time being around fursuits / fursuiters, and as a result, I had no idea of what to do or expect. I still think it went pretty well despite those couple things though.

But after that, we went back to the apartment, obviously, and sat around / chatted for a bit more. Eventually I pulled out the two remaining packages of candy I had, and shared them with everyone. I have to say this much too now that I know: if there's one thing you can do to get everybody's attention, it's to say you have candy ^^; And also, find some out-of-sight yet easily accessible place to hide it, and you'll be asked several times where you're getting all the candy from ^^ Cooper got into that bag of snack mix I bought last time too, but as far as I know, she either took the rest home, or left it in Bob and Deramin's apartment, because that's the last place I saw it, and didn't think to look for it before I left :s

I just sort of mentioned the next thing we did too :p I'm not sure what happened, but the two of them suddenly started asking "Do you want to see our apartment?", so we did. It's amazingly convenient how it's only two doors down the hallway too :3 Once there, we talked some more, got both annoyed and amused with the light (it kept turning itself off and on at random :s), and listened to a song I had on my PSP at one point: "Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 2". At least until Madius decided he wanted to go to bed, and I went with him, to grab my laptop and ice cream (yes, ice cream) from the freezer. Watched Cooper play Pokémon Stadium (the original N64 one) back at their place, and played Mungyodance 3 / busied myself with reading stuff on zug.com 'till 3. If I hadn't had to leave a 6 in the afternoon, I might have stayed there, because I was given the option, but not only was there the problem of having things to do later on that afternoon, but also that I had been instructed to lock the door when I came back to Cola and Madius's apartment, and it's sort of difficult to do that if you don't go back there period :s

From there, I did more random stuff on my laptop, and got my clothes ready to go, before laying down and going to sleep.

As for Tuesday, aside from the stuff I already mentioned, not a whole lot happened :s Just about falling asleep on the train would have to be the extent of it, but that was remedied just as soon as I remembered I brought a bottle of water with me. Well, actually, there's one thing.

On the way back from KFC, I heard the same girl yell several times, presumably at me, and as we crossed over to Kipps Lane, they turned down the street as well, and I could see her holding a camera, trying to take a picture :p Madius asked if it was "The same [expletive] from last night", and while I don't know the answer to his question, I still think the other thing is rather amusing. Now, the day I see one of the pictures somebody takes of me while I'm there on some random site online, I'll be worried, but I'm probably not quite as much as I should be yet.

So in sum, it was an awesome meet, and a great deal (because "hell of a lot" sounds insincere) of fun. Even though I doubt more than three or four furs that were involved in it are reading this, thanks for making the night as fun as it was anyways ^^

It is now time I called it a night though. It's already 6:40 in the morning, and I have to decide which blanket I want to use for sleeping yet. Such fun. And of course, if I forgot to mention something, I'll write about it tomorrow / later today, but for now, that's it, because I'm getting to the point where I can't even think of what to type without closing my eyes for a minute anymore. Oh, and run-on sentences too, but I'm not *as* worried about those. Yesh~


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