Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Don't See Why they do This

I got home on Tuesday night, and had to work the night after, which makes sense. I would *prefer* to not have to work 'till Thursday, but I want to work more or less as much as I can right now, because I need the money for those several things I listed yesterday, and for part 1 of the leopard spot tattoo. So I worked both Wednesday and Thursday, and now I have two days off for some weird reason. Even better is the schedule for the week after next, on which I have Monday and Tuesday off. I wonder if those dates would work for Cola as well? Seriously though, I'd like to head up to London for the meet then, but I don't want to spend money on the train ticket, and I don't want it to become a regular thing as well. Preferably just keep it at once a month or so, because that way I always have something to look forward to ^^

There's part of me that sort of wishes I worked tonight for another reason though. The very first thing Steve asked me yesterday is if I wanted to be on line again, or rotate the walk-in instead. I opted for the latter, because I'd already been on line on Wednesday. Let me just say it's quite interesting how doing one thing can turn into so many more. By the end of the night, I'd rotated the walk-in, torts, tidied up the white freezer, restocked the fry fridge, prepped a bin of chicken (to use up the rest of a box that was in the white freezer), as well as salsa and peppers, one and a half trays of sour cream (Manoah started the first, but I finished it because he had orders to make) and fried. Quite literally everything, actually - pizza shells (ten packages, at ~20 shells a package :x), salad shells, nachos, twists, and red strips. I started at 9, and finished up at just about 2. So suffice it to say, they had *nothing* to prep this morning :p Well, aside from tostadas, but they simply get taken out of the bag, and put into a pan. Thus, I would like to see if the opening manager left a note saying thanks, but oh well.

As for today, the biggest thing I've done is started to work on the design for my tattoo. "Started" in this case is having moved all the spots from the left half of the picture off to the side. I'll be doing the same with the right half either later tonight or tomorrow sometime, but I figure that way, it'll be alot easier to arrange them however I like, without worrying about other spots getting in the way :p That's actually one thing I forgot about in that list of things I'll be spending money on too, but I'm waiting 'till next Thursday to make a list, because that way I will know how much I have in my bank account, and thus how much I should be planning to spend on various things 'till the next time we get paid. Deoge and I also had a small chat (small because he was using his phone, and it's rather difficult to have a fast-paced conversation then) though, and I bought two more belts which hopefully will not rip or begin to fall apart like the other two I've used in the past have.

But anyways, it's already 10:30, and I'm either going to find something else to eat or to Tim Hortons or something before 12. This all feels sort of weird, because it's been about half a month now since I've had a day off without any specific plans for it, but... *shrug* I'll find something to do~

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