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So Many Things I Could Use as a Title

Read the following chat log and I'm sure you'll think of a few yourself too :p

(1:19:49 AM) FriedCanine: o.O
(1:20:05 AM) karadur: O.o?
(1:20:08 AM) karadur: Hi :3
(1:20:12 AM) FriedCanine: yeah.. hello
(1:20:35 AM) FriedCanine: bought a new tail.
(1:20:39 AM) karadur: Oh?
(1:20:45 AM) FriedCanine: Hell yeah!
(1:20:55 AM) karadur: I have too many as is <3
(1:21:05 AM) FriedCanine: can you ever has too many?
(1:21:18 AM) karadur: That is a rhetorical question ^^
(1:21:25 AM) FriedCanine: this one is so reaaaaal
(1:21:30 AM) FriedCanine: cost me 400$
(1:21:38 AM) karadur: Picture?
(1:21:52 AM) karadur: I spent $300 on one, but it was 12 feet long ^^;
(1:22:03 AM) FriedCanine: its designed so you can microwave it and it stays near body tempurature for hours
(1:22:20 AM) karadur: Oh, cool
(1:22:25 AM) karadur: Who from, if you don't mind me asking?
(1:22:39 AM) FriedCanine: Guy in windsor actually makes them all by hand
(1:22:43 AM) FriedCanine: pretty amazing
(1:23:40 AM) karadur: I'm not sure I understand. Aren't they normally made by hand anyways?
(1:24:09 AM) FriedCanine: LOL yeah true.. but this guy makes amazing ones..
(1:24:14 AM) FriedCanine: don't argue semantics with me
(1:24:15 AM) FriedCanine: lol
(1:24:18 AM) karadur: X3
(1:24:32 AM) FriedCanine: they're very detailed.
(1:24:39 AM) FriedCanine: He had like.. hundreds
(1:25:01 AM) karadur: So then once again, pictures and / or gallery / website?
(1:25:09 AM) karadur: It'd be interesting to see it / them...
(1:25:20 AM) FriedCanine: oddly enough this guy has no website.. which I really don't understand.
(1:25:32 AM) FriedCanine: I'll get some pics snapped and some with me wearing it up soon
(1:25:40 AM) FriedCanine: Kinda hard takin pics of myself lol
(1:25:57 AM) karadur: Yeah... I have one, which was taken at work
(1:26:01 AM) karadur: But it's better than nothing *shrug*
(1:26:10 AM) karadur: So then, what *kind* of tail?
(1:26:31 AM) FriedCanine: what species you mean?
(1:26:53 AM) karadur: Yesh. "What species of tail" wouldn't have sounded quite right, however ^^;
(1:27:15 AM) FriedCanine: hahah yes.. its an interesting cross between wolf, fox and lemur.
(1:28:17 AM) karadur: Sort of having trouble picturing it, but it does sound cool, at any rate
(1:28:28 AM) FriedCanine: Its badass!
(1:28:38 AM) FriedCanine: Think I may go for a walk with it on tomorrow
(1:28:46 AM) FriedCanine: get it all warmed up too.. get some people to touch it.. haha
(1:28:51 AM) karadur: That's what I do to work and back all the time now <3
(1:29:02 AM) karadur: Well, work mostly, but other places too
(1:29:27 AM) FriedCanine: where you working these days?
(1:29:33 AM) karadur: Still at Taco Bell ;_;
(1:29:43 AM) karadur: I just happen to have tonight and tomorrow off~
(1:30:14 AM) karadur: It's sort of unusual too, because this'll be my first night off since the middle of August that I haven't had specific plans for :p
(1:30:23 AM) FriedCanine: sweet.. we should go for a walk with our tails or some shit.
(1:30:47 AM) karadur: Just name the time / place to meet, and as long as I don't have to work, sure ^^
(1:31:03 AM) karadur: I'm eagerly awaiting my ears for that very reason too <3
(1:31:12 AM) karadur: (ears that I've been waiting on since October 27th :x)
(1:31:24 AM) FriedCanine: Holy shit thats a long time! whats the hold up..
(1:31:46 AM) FriedCanine: the windsor guy is making me a set of ears actually! Full mechanical.. remote control with a small remote unit in your pocket
(1:31:53 AM) FriedCanine: 850 bucks though!
(1:31:58 AM) karadur: For ears?!
(1:32:06 AM) karadur: Wow :x
(1:32:15 AM) FriedCanine: yeah.. theyre so realistic you'd shit your pants
(1:32:28 AM) FriedCanine: You can make alert ears, or scared ears, or whatever.. .lol
(1:33:17 AM) karadur: I have seen one single on somebody's site about robotic tails that would swing back and forth by themselves. Never ears or anything of the sort :s
(1:34:09 AM) karadur: And it's sort of complicated. The ears are coming from the same lady I originally commissioned a tail from, and they're free, as a thank-you for being so patient in waiting for the tail *shrug*
(1:34:11 AM) FriedCanine: well like I said.. this guy is hardcore
(1:34:31 AM) FriedCanine: these ears... worth every penny
(1:34:44 AM) karadur: I wish I had $850 to spend on ears ;_;
(1:34:49 AM) FriedCanine: HE has the mechanical tail as well.. but I figure that when you walk around the tail moves quite a bit anyway
(1:35:08 AM) karadur: Well, technically I do, but I'm trying to save my money as well :>
(1:35:10 AM) FriedCanine: I'll be the only one around with ears
(1:35:17 AM) FriedCanine: like that
(1:36:36 AM) karadur: The most expensive thing I'm looking into getting that's still connectable to furry stuff is ~$650 :x
(1:36:50 AM) FriedCanine: and that would be?
(1:36:56 AM) karadur: And now would be a good time to ask, actually. How much would you say it should cost to send a tail back to somebody in the states?
(1:37:05 AM) karadur: I'll upload a picutre...
(1:37:13 AM) karadur: Well, *the* picture :p
(1:37:17 AM) FriedCanine: oooo
(1:37:50 AM) karadur: Yeah. Bear in mind that it's still all tentative, but I know I want to get something like it anyways
(1:37:59 AM) karadur: Now... uploading...
(1:38:03 AM) FriedCanine: okee! lets seeeeee! :)
(1:38:24 AM) karadur: PATIENCE ^^
(1:38:40 AM) karadur: "Uploading... please wait"
(1:38:50 AM) FriedCanine: time for me to smoke.. brb
(1:39:07 AM) karadur: :p
(1:39:11 AM) karadur: Sure
(1:40:55 AM) karadur: And now that I assume you're back, this design / arrangement is copied from another picture I'm pretty sure was found on DeviantArt (somebody else found the picture for me, because I was without internet for a bit). When the design is done, the spots will be arranged differently, and hopefully it won't look like the same picture at all, but anyways...
(1:40:57 AM) karadur: http://i27.tinypic.com/a4q130.jpg
(1:41:02 AM) karadur: Yesh ^^
(1:41:12 AM) karadur: (and I know it's going to hurt too :x)
(2:01:01 AM) karadur: *poke* still busy?
(2:17:08 AM) karadur: *pokepoke*
(2:27:59 AM) karadur: You, sir, take a very long time to smoke ;_;
(3:00:00 AM) karadur: A *very* long time :x
(3:00:07 AM) karadur: Or did you get sidetracked with something else?
(3:30:18 AM) karadur: Must have :s
(3:31:50 AM) karadur: Maybe you went to bed but didn't change your status
(3:31:52 AM) karadur: Hmm...
(3:57:34 AM) karadur: Well, since it's almost 4 and you *still* haven't said anything (;_;), if you want to go for a walk later on tonight (for it is Saturday now), just let me know the time and place. Just so long as it's not before ~3 in the afternoon, because a) I'll be asleep up to that point, and b) it'd probably be uncomfortably warm before then.
(3:58:12 AM) karadur: If, however, you see those messages before 6am or so, I'll still be up, so you could let me know then too ^^
(5:19:42 AM) FriedCanine: Hey [...], was someone on here pretending to be an expert on fur wearables?
(5:20:12 AM) karadur: I have no idea :s
(5:20:17 AM) FriedCanine: 'Cause it wasn't me (Seth). XD
(5:20:20 AM) karadur: Last I heard you were going out for a smoke
(5:20:35 AM) FriedCanine: Ah. Yeah, I haven't been at the computer at all tonight.
(5:20:45 AM) karadur: ...
(5:20:50 AM) karadur: Who was then?
(5:20:57 AM) FriedCanine: I had some friends over. XD
(5:21:13 AM) FriedCanine: They vaguely know who you are.
(5:21:24 AM) karadur: Weeeird
(5:21:25 AM) FriedCanine: From teh Taco Hell.
(5:21:28 AM) FriedCanine: Yah yah
(5:21:40 AM) FriedCanine: They seen you walking with a tail one day and were like, "Oh hey, that guy has a tail!"
(5:21:41 AM) FriedCanine: Etc.
(5:21:46 AM) karadur: Ah
(5:21:48 AM) karadur: Yesh
(5:21:49 AM) karadur: I do <3
(5:21:50 AM) FriedCanine: So I explained.
(5:21:54 AM) karadur: X3
(5:21:58 AM) FriedCanine: lol
(5:22:07 AM) FriedCanine: I'm reading the history. XD
(5:22:10 AM) karadur: So shall I believe *any* of all that
(5:22:13 AM) FriedCanine: Microwavable tail! LOL
(5:22:17 AM) karadur: MICROWAVEABLE TAIL
(5:22:21 AM) karadur: Yesh ;_;
(5:22:22 AM) FriedCanine: That is MARKETABLE
(5:22:24 AM) FriedCanine: HOLY SHIT
(5:22:29 AM) FriedCanine: There is money in that.
(5:22:41 AM) karadur: It is far too early in the morning for this sort of thing X3
(5:22:47 AM) karadur: It would be cool though
(5:22:56 AM) FriedCanine: That's actually a really good idea.
(5:23:04 AM) FriedCanine: Catchy.
(5:23:08 AM) FriedCanine: I'm sure it would sell.
(5:23:15 AM) karadur: You'd have to sign a disclaimer before anything :x
(5:23:27 AM) karadur: "50% chance of tail catching on fire - WE WON'T DO ANYTHING"
(5:23:40 AM) karadur: Fire extinguisher supplied, etc.
(5:23:49 AM) FriedCanine: Oh, I'm sure you could make it out of a microwave safe material!
(5:23:54 AM) FriedCanine: Like the stuff they put in magic bags.
(5:24:00 AM) karadur: And 850 DOLLARS FOR A PAIR OF EARS?
(5:24:11 AM) FriedCanine: Wha?
(5:24:15 AM) karadur: Oh, keep reading
(5:24:18 AM) karadur: You'll find it
(5:24:25 AM) FriedCanine: Mechanical ears eh?
(5:24:31 AM) karadur: That link near the end is something I do plan on getting though
(5:24:41 AM) FriedCanine: Although I think something like it exists.
(5:24:46 AM) karadur: Quite possibly
(5:24:49 AM) FriedCanine: Ah, a tatoo?
(5:24:51 AM) karadur: Yeah
(5:25:10 AM) FriedCanine: I had planned to get a tatoo of [something] for some time.
(5:25:13 AM) FriedCanine: Don't tell anyone... >.>
(5:25:14 AM) FriedCanine: XD
(5:26:04 AM) karadur: Meh. As you'll read, that arrangement is an exact copy of one from DeviantArt or something, so I may put a paw right in the middle or something
(5:26:12 AM) karadur: It might look cool, but maybe not as well :s
(5:27:20 AM) karadur: So who are these friends?
(5:27:29 AM) karadur: Anybody *I* would know, or is it a sort of one-way thing?
(5:28:26 AM) karadur: And for that matter, am I to believe this is really Seth?
(5:28:40 AM) karadur: Suspicion~...
(5:29:11 AM) FriedCanine: I would be suspicious.
(5:29:11 AM) FriedCanine: These are just random people, friends of mine.
(5:29:11 AM) FriedCanine: I'm goin' to bed.
(5:29:12 AM) FriedCanine: Gotta work.
(5:29:21 AM) karadur: Meh
(5:29:25 AM) karadur: Have a good sleep
(5:29:29 AM) karadur: *wave*
(5:29:33 AM) FriedCanine: Talk to you later!
(5:29:36 AM) FriedCanine: G'night!

Unfortunately, SPark doesn't know what would happen if you microwaved fur (yes, I asked her), but if you have to be extremely careful with heat when cleaning fur to begin with, I don't think putting it in the microwave would go over very well :s Such a tail would be cool to have, but more than likely expensive, as would be mechanical ears. Both ideas are quite interesting though. But in the meantime, I pose the fur question to anybody else reading this that may know :3 I have a piece left over from what I cut to make my laptop cover type thing, but I'm not about to try using that, because I still might find something else to do with it yet.

And otherwise, I forgot one thing about work yesterday night. Manoah cut a small hole in George's shirt with a pair of scissors. In order to get him back, George sprayed Manoah not once, but twice, quite thoroughly, with the hose on the sink. And finally, as retaliation for that, Manoah had me fill an actual bucket up with cold water and ice, and put it on the shelf above the dish sinks, which he then dumped on George while pretending to grab paper towels (for they are right above said sinks). Fun. I'm just glad I was in the bathroom at the time, with both the door closed and deadbolt locked, because otherwise, I likely would've been sprayed too.

It's just about 7 in the morning though, so I should be getting to bed. Maybe I'll finish up that tattoo design tomorrow, but I'm not sure right now. It's sort of like a puzzle, for having to figure out which spots look best where, but thus far the most I've done is to move all the spots to the left and right hand sides. Meh.

Anyways, bed. It's right in front of me, but there are still a couple things that need to be done before I lay down ;_;

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