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If Only it was Last Week Again...

I'd have been about halfway between Wellington and Adelaide by this point :p But then again I wouldn't really have the money this time, and it's currently only two weeks plus a day until next time, so yay ^^ Since, however, it is September 7th and not August 31st tonight, I get to work from 9 - close tonight. Same thing tomorrow as well, I believe, but I'll just have to check the schedule tonight to make sure.

Anyways, last night ended up being sort of interesting. I went to Tim Hortons on Friday night, but also sort of wanted to again yesterday, partly for snacks, and partly to get out of the house for a bit. As it turned out though, Deoge and I got to talking on MSN later on in the night, and both agreed that we felt like going there (well, he wanted to get actual food as well, but apparently not having a bike prevents that :s), so we did :3 The walk there was interesting in itself though. I had been and still am today wearing the second tail I got from Chesh, which is one of them that drags on the floor a bit. Fine around the house, and it somehow feels "more right" than just having it dangling there. Anyways, not only was I feeling lazy, but also, if I had decided to put a different one on, Deoge would've gotten there before me and wondered where I was, so out I went, right after picking it up and holding onto it by just the tip so it hung alongside me ^^; Does it look weird? More than likely yes, but I think having a tail alone would look more weird to somebody else than having to carry it so the thing doesn't get dirty. So yeah. We went to Tim Hortons, ate, drank, and talked about random things. The only two I remember are how he missed quite a bit of stuff at school by assuming the first couple days would be orientation (:p), and some guy sitting at one of the other tables being asleep until something was dropped on the floor. Altogether fun, if only for it not having been planned in advance. There's something to be said for randomly deciding to do things like that <3 No more of this worried "Hey, I have a day off coming up. Do you want to go to [x] then?" like I kept doing back when I wanted to go hang out with Noir a second time. Now it's simply "Hey, I'm going somewhere tonight. Are you free? Want to come along? No? Oh well. Talk to you when I get back then~"

But also, getting back to the tail thing, I have made a decision (the first definite one, actually) towards next time I get / have an art commission done. My tail is now of the the variety where the top half is dotted with snow leopard spots, and the bottom is white, and at least 1.5x as "floofy" as the top <3 Thus for Cola, I'm beginning to see what you mean :p It's obviously not yet at the "Oh god I can't even look at that picture" stage, but there is *one* thing. Oh, and bigger tail in general too, and I had asked Cooper for that, but it was too late ;_;

In other weirdness, there are a couple things:

[1] My paid account on here expired very early yesterday morning (around 1am :x), so I bought the two month extension and, later on in the afternoon, checked my profile page to see how long it was good for. November 6th, which is plenty of time~ Then, more or less on a whim, I clicked the "more details..." link at the bottom to check my comments posted to comments received ratio. It just feels awkward to have received more than I've posted on other journals, but I have a little bit of leeway yet. Then, finally, I clicked the "View Recent Comments" link, just to make sure no other anonymous ones had been posted, like that one I got quite a while back asking where to download Tear's "Grand Fonic Hymn" song from Tales of the Abyss. There was, surprisingly, one, with not very much to go on either.

Searching Google for "Hi / Thanks to you" wouldn't be very helpful, but I figured it should be possible to find which country the IP came from. Running it through this tool (I haven't tried any others) gives Kenya, which is point number 1 for the "likely spammer" theory. What's more, however, doing a Google search for the IP leads here. Scroll down to result #14 and you'll be able to see for yourself. And just as an aside here, that site is delightfully amusing ^^ Where else but on the internet could you possibly find a "Can you get me a job?" request responded to with fourteen of the same? X3

Anyways, at this point, it's either a spammer, or somebody using a proxy who doesn't have very much to say, so I would like to just delete that comment, but I don't want to at the same time just in case it is "real" :s But further towards that, it's my journal, so why is it that I cannot edit comments that I did not post? I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to add an "Edited at [xx:xx] by [username]" thing at the bottom, but it struck me as odd. It's not as if I really have any need to edit it, but yeah. Weird *shrug*

[2] The first thing Adam asked me when I came down here yesterday was if I had been using the computer. I said no, because while I had planned to, I never got around to it, and took care of one of the things yesterday (completely resetting the modem and configuring the wireless settings again). The problem? Somebody he talks (or talked) to on MSN has been deleted from his contact list. Somebody that, according to him, Naomi doesn't like, but therein lies a problem. I never explicitly told her the password, and I'd hope Adam didn't, so how was she able to log in then? Does she perhaps know Adam's email address and password? Then again, if she did, that still wouldn't explain the ~20 records of logging on and off that took place between about quarter after one and 2. Adam would've been at work then, I was asleep 'till 4:30 or so, and even if they knew the password, Mom and Dad wouldn't know how to open MSN, log in, and delete one specific contact. The password has been changed though, so hopefully he doesn't have any other problems to report when he gets home today.

And otherwise, I know I've forgotten *something*, but I'm getting hungry too, so that's it for now~

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