Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Has Happened Again

I worked yesterday, and I have to be there for 9 - close as well tonight, but sure enough, I have tomorrow off :s Although I still need to work on my tattoo design, so I'll have *something* to keep me busy :p And then I have one thing to do for sure tonight as well, that being changing the days I have booked off for MFF in November to the 19th through 24th. There should still be plenty of time left to do that though, so meh.

And then before I leave for work, I have to read the reply to an email I sent Michele about coming back. Specifically, asking if 2-5 would work instead of 1-4, and also if wearing a tail in there would be a big deal. I would *hope* not, but as I told her, if it is, I'll still wear it *there*, but just duck into the bathroom and stick it in a bag before I actually start doing work. Oh, and George also gave me a list with four or five more songs he wants me to download, and I told him I'd bring them in on my PSP tonight. Still two hours to go though, so I'll find them sooner or later.

But then as for the rest of the week, I work from Wednesday to Sunday twice, with the 15th and 16th off. And then the 22nd through 24th off as well, but that's rather obvious. Slightly tedious, if anything, but at least I'll be making a fair amount, which is quite timely considering it's September, and now we have to start giving Dad $30 for the internet at the beginning of every month. $220 is fine though, and will be much easier to get from the ATM. No more hoping I have change at home and going somewhere to get a snack if I don't :p

Otherwise today, there isn't too much to mention. I had a dream wherein I sent Josh an email asking if he still wanted to hang out on such and such a day, and got a reply back from him mentioning fursuiting. It's truly a weird feeling reading something somebody else said about a thing or activity they would never be into otherwise. The first time I wore a tail into work after having sent him the email telling him what it was about, he actually said that although we should hang out sometime I was in London, if he were to come to the meet with me, he'd probably just sit in the corner staring and meowing :s There was one other dream too, but it isn't very flattering. Let's just say that Dad was at the meet with me (yesh) and screwed things up quite badly from my point of view :s

Anyways though, I have about an hour and fifteen minutes left to find those songs for George, so I might as well get busy~

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