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One Out of Two (Thus Far)

Yay for, once again, not doing quite as much as I planned to with my day (yet). I did finally read the reply Michele sent me, which is currently at the "slightly awkward" point, if anything. Going there from 2-5 is fine, and is exactly what I'm doing starting Wednesday of next week, but as for the tail, she talked to Lynn about it, and *she* wants to know "just what sort of custom it is" or something, so they can explain it to the other volunteers if need be. So the reply I sent back to her is essentially the same thing everybody at work that asked me had sent to them via email. Two paragraphs taken from Wikifur's "furry" page, as well as a couple sentences to say that I'd be more than willing to explain it to the other volunteers if need be, but that it's a slightly difficult thing to explain to begin with. "It's just something I'm into" is the most I say now.

There's one annoying thing on that page though. Well, both on that page, and in many, many other places where furries are referred to. I'm not singling anyone out in particular, but why would you say "This is what I like or don't like about furry"? It's not a thing. The furry fandom is, and furries are too, but "furry" on it's own is not. Actually, if you really want to be fussy about it you could say that it is, but only when you're talking about something that *is* furry. And then there's one other weird thing like that. When talking about somebody who is into it, do you refer to them as a furry, or a fur? Both have their uses, at least to my mind. For example "Furries are so silly", and "Those furs went for a walk". Unfortunately, there are no set rules to go by concerning those couple things, but I try to go by what sounds right / proper.

Sticking with the furry topic for now though, I received two emails from SPark while I was away at work yesterday night. The first was to ask if I still wanted ears, and if so, had I decided how I'd like them yet, and the second was a list of measurements she needs for my paws. Mom helped me figure those out earlier, and I said no in regards to the ears, both for that I'm still expecting a pair from Chesh, and I need to start putting my money towards Christmas presents. I'd say MFF too, but in all likelihood, I'll get one of those MyTitanium cards that Cola linked me to a while back, put money on it from my checking account, and either transfer some from savings to checking to make up for that amount, or not bother depending on how much I have when I get back from the con.

As for not quite as furry things, the weather today is / was absolutely awesome <3 Ever so slightly on the cold side, so instead of having a pair of socks on, I walked around the house in my footpaws all day, and earlier on (around 9), Naomi came downstairs to feed the cats, wearing a jacket and everything. I however, was sitting in the chair with no shirt on, so of course she had to ask if I was cold. No, I'm not, and when we went to Tim Hortons the other night Deoge mentioned having heard somewhere that this coming winter is supposed to be twice as bad as last year's. Oh, I do hope so ^^ Chatted with both him and Noir earlier on as well, and I have to clear one thing up right now. Deoge: yes, I knew what you meant by "look around". As I said (well, admitted), I've used the site as well, and it's quite obvious what one would go there for. I just wasn't about to say "Have fun then" because that'd sound weird. I was, however, going to say "I suppose I can't expect you to wave back, because, well, yeah~", but you signed off before I was able to finish typing. For everybody else, don't ask :s

But yeah. As for the rest of the night, I might head up to Tim Hortons later, or just stay here and make french toast. I planned to either make it or this when I got home from work yesterday night, and I ended up opting for the latter, without the fudge step. It was alright, but not too great at the same time, because I completely forgot to drain the grease, and as a result I ended up spooning half melted brown sugar, half bacon grease over the stuff after it had been fried, which didn't taste terribly great :x I do plan on attempting to make these eventually too, but I need to see if we have the oats and enough sugar first. What I would like to do is one of these weeks / months, make up some desert with a fairly large yield and take it to London with me to share at the meet. The biggest problem with that is making sure whatever I make gets there without melting or anything, thus, doing so in the middle of winter would be my best bet :p But there's a question for Cola: setting possible bad weather aside, will the meets be continuing throughout the winter? The first one I went to was in February, so I'd sort of assume so, but it can't hurt to ask you at the same time.

And otherwise, since I don't have much else to say right now and I'm going to wait 'till midnight to head out, it's time for either StepMania, or working on my tattoo design. Probably the latter, but we shall see~

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