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This Spot Looks Like A...

First of all, yay for procrastination~ Since I woke up yesterday I've wanted to a) read and reply to the second email Michele sent me, b) finish working on my tattoo design, and c) write an entry in here. I did the first one :3 I'll get to both of those in their own sections though (for I can't exactly write an entry about writing an entry :p), so for now, a picture that I refer you to the title for the explanation of:

[1] Hot pepper
[2] Duck
[3] "Polar bear blinking in a blizzard" joke from Calvin & Hobbes, or a misshapen speech bubble
[4] Bird
[5] Heart
[6] The letter "M", a 3, or a sum sign (upper-case Sigma, according to Wikipedia)
[7] The number 2

Yesh ^^

Anyways, tonight really hasn't gone expected as either. I *should* be at work right now, but as we noticed yesterday night, they had five closers scheduled, and sure enough, Earl both left a message and called again shortly after asking if I wanted to have the night off. I should've said no, because I do need the money, but I'm sort of glad I did because I didn't particularly want to have to be in a rush to get out of there before the order came. While I'm on the topic of work though, we have both the new shells and sauce for those Volcano Tacos, and surprisingly, we're all being given the chance to try one, so I did. The sauce is rather spicy, and has quite a bite to it, but other than that, it's just a regular taco :x Both Michelle and Cindy said they didn't think it'd go over well because of the sauce, and they may be right, but we'll have to see. All I know is next time I'm in there I'll have to try a spicy chicken burrito with lava sauce on it >:3

Now, as for those two things, I'll go over the email I sent to Michele first.

The reply I got from her after explaining what it meant to be furry effectively said "Thanks for explaining what it is. To be honest, it doesn't bother me" and then she went on to say something about my computer skills and P2P receipting. Unfortunately, since Lynn is the area manager, it's still ultimately her decision, but I sent her an email too for that very reason to try to explain things from my point of view. So for now, all I know is that I'm still waiting on a reply from Lynn, but otherwise, I'll be heading in there on the 25th (would be 24th but I'll still be in London then) to presumably help Julie with making some sort of newsletter, and things will continue as normal from there. And even if Lynn's answer concerning my tail(s) ends up being no, there's nothing to stop me from wearing one in there and just not having it on while I'm doing work. I can be terribly stubborn about these sorts of things :p

As for the tattoo, the current state of it can be seen here. If you aren't able to view it, well, you'll just have to wait to see the end result ^^;

And otherwise tonight, I have to go to the bank sometime before midnight or so (I could go after, but I'm much less likely to want to then :s) to both withdraw money for Mom and Dad, and also to go to Tim Hortons :p Am I making a habit of it? Yes, but it gives me something to get out of the house for when I'm not working, so meh.

Because I just remembered though, this is done for now. Manoah called me at work yesterday night and asked if he could borrow our XP CD again. I said yes, and that I'd bring it in "tomorrow", and it's rather hard for him to get it when I don't work at all :s So I'll walk up there to say hi and give him that, then head to those other places on the way back. Should be fun ^^

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