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I Don't Have the Patience for 317 More Songs :s

There is one last song in Mungyodance 2 that I can unlock, but in order to do so, you have to play 1,000 songs. Of course, there's no in-game way to tell what you're at (unless I completely overlooked it), so I figured "There must be some some of stats file with that in it." There is indeed, and thus, here are the (unnecessary) instructions required to unlock all the songs in the game without using the unlocker thing, or actually playing that many songs:

[1] Make sure the game is not running
[2] Navigate to the directory where you installed Mungyodance 2, then open "Data", followed by "MachineProfile"
[3] Open the stats.xml file in your preferred text editor
[4] Search for "NumSongsPlayedByMode"
[5] Change the value in the line *below* it to however many songs you want the game to think you've cleared
[6] Save your changes, and start the game

Optional: repeat steps 4 and 5 for the NumSongsPlayedByMeter and NumStagesPassedByPlayMode values. Either the game looks at all three of the values and chooses the one that's highest, or it only pays attention to the first and uses the other two for bookkeeping purposes.

I know that's really of no use to anybody on here, but there's a slight, slight chance that somebody might end up searching Google for "How to unlock all songs in Mungyodance 2", see this, and then it'd have served it's purpose ^^

As for other things, since I forgot some earlier...

[1] Not even a full week after I start wearing it around the house, and the belt loop on the second tail I got from Chesh has started to come loose, and I don't mean shaking about more than normal, but actually tearing right out of the tail :\ At this point, I'm really, really tempted to either ask her about getting another one, or seeing if SPark could make one that looks like it. There is, however, one problem with each of those. If I ask Chesh and she says yes, how long am I going to have to wait for it? As for SPark, the only snow leopard fur that I know she has is the stuff that can be seen on this tail. There's also the long white type, but the spots are simply airbrushed onto it, making it not quite the same. So for now, I'll probably link SPark to a picture of the tail once the one I sent to her arrives to ask if she has or can obtain that fur, and if not, I'll just ask Chesh, and assuming she will, make sure to specify that I want *two* belt loops, secured to the tail as much as they can possibly be.

[2] Both Karen and Eric were fired on Tuesday. Karen, for something that's been going on for a while that she finally took too far, and Eric for giving out free food, which seems a bit unfair to him. All of the night staff have eaten food for free at least once, and it's really petty to fire him for, to my understanding, giving out a single chili cheese burrito which Michelle made him pay for anyways. She left a note in the managers' log explaining things, so it'll be interesting to see how that turns out, but the really fun bit is something Manoah told me when I saw him earlier tonight (he wanted to borrow our XP CD, and I figured I could stand to get out of the house, so I walked~). Karen is the one that went to Earl and Shelia (or so I'd assume) complaining about it to begin with.

[3] We went out to Smittys for supper earlier tonight, which was... interesting. They had a "Chicken-Bacon Cheeseburger" or something to that effect on their menu, and I figured "I'll try that instead of just ordering a normal hamburger or something else I usually get here", so our waitress came to the table, took our orders, and as I told her what I wanted, I made sure to point at the picture to indicate "This is what I want", and all was well for about fifteen minutes. Aside from Mom and Dad complaining that it was taking too long, but they did that when we went out to Swiss Chalet recently as well. When our food was brought to the table, I looked at my plate, and not only was there lettuce, tomato, and a pickle on the top half of the bun (although as an afterthought, maybe it's something they *have* to give you, because it was off to the side instead of right on the burger) when I had asked for none, but the actual hamburger part was made out of beef. Not chicken. I *should* have said "This isn't what I ordered", but I didn't want to cause a fuss, nor did I want to have to wait for what I actually ordered. Also, as we were leaving, I had music going on my PSP and couldn't hear much, aside from muffled speech as Dad and Mom talked to each other. I took them out once we got to the van though, and the first thing Mom said was "Your tail is really an attention grabber". Yes, I imagine it is, but being asked time and time again "What is it for?" gets rather tiresome :x That whole paragraph is too, because all I really needed to say is "We went to Smittys for supper. My order was messed up, and somebody (else) was asking about my tail", but meh.

Anyways, yeah. It's sort of amusing to think that if I had chosen to work tonight, we'd just be closing now. I actually *did* stuff today, some of which would not have been possible if I did have to work, but let's see... Aside from going out for supper and finishing the picture of my tattoo, I also talked to both Deoge and Noir for a bit, watched a movie, and actually went outside for about an hour without having anything in particular to do after the first twenty minutes. I finally remembered at 10 that Manoah needed to borrow that CD, so I phoned them to let him know I was bringing it in, then left around 10:30. Gave George the CD when I got there, and he gave it to Manoah (not before making an overly tired comment about XP being better than Vista), then Manoah and I went outside because he was going to have a smoke and wanted somebody to talk to. Not about a whole lot, really, but there was what happened to Eric and Karen, something that Steve told him, how he regretted not getting ahold of Earl before me (he thought they were trying to call him in early :p), if I was going to London again soon, and when (he thinks I should go for a week, but that'd be weird :s), and finally asking me where I was going in November because I did mention that I'll be gone for almost a week then. He figured out enough to know that what I was going for starts with "con", but according to him, it's a conference. Not a convention ^^;

He asked me if I would go to Tim Hortons to get something for him, and I said yes, so I went there, then back to Taco Bell because they'd just taken apart their apple cider machine, then across the street to the bank, then to Tim Hortons again, back to Taco Bell once more, then to 7-11, and finally, home. It's been a fairly eventful night, considering that, but I really wish I could have either tomorrow or Saturday off as well. Before going to bed, I received the following in Pidgin from Deoge:

"Just so ya know....Ill be in Chatham this weekend if ur free and wanna do Timmies or somethin again....Ill be home around 5-6pm tomarrow....c Ya"
*Toss's a mud ball and laughs at the White Leopard now covered in brown.....*

To the first one, oh well, because there's always a chance of seeing him at work if he wants something there, and to the second thing, yesh ;_; Times like these I wish I did any RPing at all because I never know what to say to those sorts of things. Thus far though it has been a pie and a mud ball. I'd hate to see what he's working up towards :s

And finally, because I want to go downstairs and get a drink of water if nothing else, something I had to see what Noir thought about earlier tonight. Two songs. [Song 1] and [Song 2]. I presume the second is a remix of the first, but either way, listen to song 1 to begin with, then song 2, just so see how much different and... odd the lyrics are. Oh, and disclaimer: while there's no worry of not being able to unsee what you've seen with music, you will not be able to unhear song 2 if you listen to it, so consider yourself warned. It's not extremely bad, but they just picked an unorthodox topic to sing a song about :p Apparently there's one more too, but I plan on listening to it myself before uploading it, if it even comes to that.

Looking at the preview, this entry is getting pretty long as well though, and I think I covered pretty much everything I forgot / that has happened since earlier tonight, so I'm going to post this then go get my water. That's one of the few disadvantages of eating in your room, but meh. I need to get up and walk around anyways~


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