Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Why Can't It be Just a Little Bit Colder?

I actually had a dream last night that it was only tomorrow, in comparison to right now (so it was the day after whatever day it currently is :p) where I was at work, and it was raining quite heavily outside. Finally I had a chance to go look out the dining room door to see just what it looked outside, and saw white stuff on the ground. So of course I unlocked the door, bent down to scoop some of it up, then promptly took it to the back, threw it at Manoah, and yelled "We have snow!" or something :p He responded by asking why I'd done that, laughing, saying he was going to get me back, and that's all that I remember. There was actually one more, but first, it would be so much better if it was just snowing outside right now. Yes, that might be a bit odd in September, but I have to work tonight, and I don't plan on walking there in the rain. Got a ride both there and back yesterday night too, so I'd really like to not have to resort to that if I can at all help it.

As for the second dream though, I can't place any specific setting for it, but when it started, I was walking down a hallway at the end of which was a door surrounded on all sides by glass. About three-quarters of the way down said hallway, I noticed another door on my right, that I had previously been instructed to wait at, so I leaned back against the opposite wall and waited for a bit. Sure enough, the door opened after a minute and some other guy started walking out, when a lady that must've worked at whatever place it was walked up out of nowhere and told him she needed "the green towel" back. He said something like "No, I'm keeping it", and she walked off towards the door without saying another word. Next thing I know, I'm dressed in nothing but a green towel (yes indeed) a random shirt, and ears. The same sort of ears I'm hoping will arrive next week :3 Anyways, I was standing in a room that was on the other side of the door at the end of the hallway, along with the same lady I had seen earlier, and two other men, all of whom were wearing white lab coats. They explained what they were going to have me do, which was more or less being led outside into an enclosed yard, where they wanted me to act the same as I do any other time, and they would use the measurements / readings / whatever of what I did, as well as the guy that had gone before me (the one who opted to keep the towel), and possibly some others too, but I didn't see any of them. Strangely enough, I knew what I was expected to do before they explained it again, but anyways, I was led out to another door, opened it, and stepped outside into what had to be an exact copy of our backyard. Sort of weird, but I didn't really think a whole lot of it then.

Not really knowing what to do though, I started walking along the right side to the back, thinking something like "We don't talk to Mom and Dad, so this is what they have to do to see what's going on?", which was rather weird as well (although that's one possible option for the purpose of the whole thing). I must've walked along the back of the yard too, but I don't remember myself doing so, because next thing I knew I was walking back towards the door I had come out of, just on the other side. Upon getting up to the garage though (for it was in the dream as well), I stopped, sort of wavered for a second, and then fell straight forward into the grass, because it was nice and comfortable <3 Unfortunately, the thought crossed my mind that they might think something was wrong and come out when I was really having quite a nice time. I should probably note that as soon as I started walking around, I found myself wondering if they were expecting me to do anything in particular, but because I didn't have my PSP or DS with me, and also because it was nice and warm "outside" (despite the sky being dark and cloudy), and the grass felt so soft, I'd just lay down for a bit. Next thing I knew I was back inside again, being asked what was wrong, and why I just flopped down like that. I explained that the music they had on (which would actually have been the rain falling outside my window) was so relaxing that I just couldn't help it, and the lady, without even looking up from her monitor, yawned, stretched, nodded, and said "Yes, it is".

After that I was instructed to go change again, but not before instructing me to return both the towel and the ears. I, of course, said "No", thinking "I just did that for them, so the least they can do is allow me to keep these things", so I walked back to the bathroom / changing room again, took my shirt off, glanced up at the mirror to see how the ears looked on me, and then the dream ended. Frustrating, because it was really cool too ;_;

The first one probably came about from having told Michelle I couldn't wait for it to start snowing while we were sitting outside earlier in the night, and as for the other one, reading more of that fursuiting book and listening to "Still Alive" from Portal before going to sleep. There was a distinctly artificial feel to the setting of the second one, so it could be ^^

The other bad thing about the weather right now though is that it's really hard to get a decent sleep. It's not extremely warm, so I don't need to have my fan on the highest speed, and it's not really cold either, so using my comforter instead of a smaller sheet is out of the question. That is, however, exactly what I did when I went to bed last night, and woke up around 10:30 feeling much too uncomfortable to be able to continue using that, so I grabbed the other sheet I was using during the summer, and laid back down with it. That worked well until 2:30 or so, at which point I woke up again feeling just a bit too cold, so I got up, turned the fan off, laid down again, from there had a single hour of sleep that was better than the entire rest of the night.

I was going to have another little thing in here dealing with where I'm currently at concerning money and buying Christmas presents and such, but I need to know what my balance is right now to do that, and I sort of lost my chance to check yesterday night by asking for a ride home. One way or another I'll check tonight though, even if I have to run across the street while we're still open.

But anyways, since I haven't yet had anything to eat today, and there's something I need to finish before 7 as well, which means this is going to be done for now so I can take care of those. Only problem is I don't think there's a whole lot to eat in the kitchen (that doesn't require alot of preparation), but I'll find something. Even if it is just one of those microwave cakes~

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