Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Once Again it's Pouring Out...

I do not want to have to walk to work *again* Walking home is fine, and I could care less if it's raining then, because I have tomorrow off, and thus I wouldn't have to worry about getting wet. I would like to stop by Tim Hortons as well, but I really shouldn't, seeing as I was doing up a little spreadsheet of what I'll be spending money on in the coming months, and if I've figured everything right, I won't be over $8,000 'till the end of November at earliest :x My biggest expenses right now (aside from money for Mom and Dad) are that CD to record converter and that (snow) leopard spot tattoo. The former is going to be almost $400 once you figure in shipping and however much you're charged for the money order alone, and the tattoo is going to be, oh, I think Deoge said $650. But that can be split into multiple pieces (probably two for the sake of easiness, but possibly three if I figure out how to add brown shading inside of the "complete" spots and can get it to look good).

The other things are just gas, money for getting a haircut in a couple weeks (which I'll probably just pay for with change I have up in my room), another train ticket if I end up figuring out some time that works for Cola and Madius for going to the meet in October, that Toronto meet, and MFF. The last one's sort of amusing because more and more lately I find myself thinking exactly what Cola posted a few days ago. $1,000 would be an ideal amount to have. I rather not spend that much, but in the end I probably will be :x The biggest thing I need to do for now is break things down by how much I'll need for, say, gas, or food, and add them all up from there. I plan on going over the entire thing from beginning to end with Cola next time I'm in London, and that'll help quite a bit.

Anyways, this is done early, because I have to leave for work in ten minutes ;_; More will come when I get home, hopefully, but that all depends on whether or not I find anything to do~

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