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Karadur Inacu 

I can't figure out what to start with, so here are some things concerning work:

[1] We started selling the Volcano Tacos and Big Bell Box Meals on Saturday. Slightly early compared to when they usually start new promotions (the displays and such go up Sunday night, and the new item starts being sold on Monday), but it's Shawn's decision either way, so meh. My first problem is with the box meal. The last step on the card on line says "Serve with condiments and straw in a small bag alongside", and they show a bag that presumably has napkins, a straw, and hot and mild sauce in it. Nowhere on there does it say "Put the box into a bag", and doing so completely defeats the purpose of having everything in a box to begin with. Everybody else that I've asked so far, however, think differently :s The other thing is how they're supposed to get a full side-of cup of lava sauce for the nachos. That's alot of sauce, and as such I wouldn't be surprised if we run out sometime soon and start having to give them nacho cheese instead. Frankly, I think that's what we should be doing in the first place because the sauce is rather cold and as such doesn't go very well with nachos, but I'm being fussy, and if I were to bring that up at work I'd likely be told "That's nice. This is the way you're expected to do it, thanks." Feh.

[2] Something else from Saturday night. A receipt. It took them almost ten minutes to decide what they wanted, and they started by asking for a number 6 (obviously) and I figured "Okay, that isn't too bad, but I don't see how it could take so long to decide on just that", and then the rest of the order came :s After making sure they really did want that much food too, of course. I feel sort of sorry for Manoah and James because they were on line at the time, but other than that, yeah. The biggest I'd seen before that was *almost* $100, but not quite.

[3] We've started that "End World Hunger" thing again. On Thursday, to be precise. It's gone pretty well thus far (at last count there were almost 200 cards in the dining room, and there's been a bit more talk about possibly getting some reward if we get over, say, 500 customers to donate, but that's the same thing they said last time, and we never got anything. The fun part about it this time though is that some guy came through the other night and donated $5, but didn't want to write names on any of the cards, so we did. Then yesterday night while I was waiting for my shift to start I saw Brandon there, and got a "Hey kitty" as I usually do from him ^^; A few minutes after that, he had another customer do the same thing (donate but not want to write their name), and wrote that very word on it, with "=]" after it. Combine both those things, and there are now two cards in the dining room right next to each other that say "Karadur", and "Kitty =]" ^^ Well, there's one more that says "Sciinee", but I wrote that only because I couldn't think of anything else to write. I do use it, but only for one thing right now.

As for non-work related things...

[4] More StepMania and Mungyodance screenshots here. Half this time are from Mungyodance 3, and the other half are from songs from the same game in StepMania. I find the ranking of some of the songs to be really weird though. Some are right on, and match up to the difficulty of the song just as I'd expect them to, but others (such as "I'm an Idiot") are deserving of a 12 or 13 at most. 14 for the hardest difficulty of Destination Helios, but I haven't yet beaten it, and don't have a screenshot of that song anyways.

[5] Tentative plans for the coming weeks. Next Monday I'll be going to London and coming back Tuesday night. I still haven't emailed Josh, but I'll probably just do that before I leave and say "If you want to do something reply to this and I'll get back to you once I'm there." After that, I'll hopefully have October 10th and 11th off for getting part one of my tattoo done, but that all depends on the reply I get to the email I sent out earlier today. I'd like to have the whole thing done (shading optional) by the time that meet in Toronto rolls around, so if possible, I want to give it time enough to heal and a bit more just to be safe, then go back for the second half after that. Then in November there's the aforementioned furmeet in Toronto and MFF which, for now, I'm about half ready for. Other than that, there's small stuff like getting my hair cut, going to the bank to get a money order for Dad's Christmas present, work, and other such things. Oh, and then Thanksgiving and Halloween too. I completely forgot about those ^^

I could write a sixth thing about my current plans for spending money as well, but I don't have the time or will to do that right now, mainly because it's not looking quite as good as I thought it'd be :s Hopefully I'll have some more exciting things to write about tomorrow too, because my ears never showed up today, and I didn't get an email from SPark either, but one day into the week could've been too soon to expect it :s

So that's it for now, but I'll probably edit this later because the second half of it sounds really rushed :x It's good enough for the time being though~

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