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*Almost* Better than Nothing

I have received all of two emails today. One to say that the eCheck for those CDs from Vulpvibe had cleared, and another one from Paypal that said more or less the same thing. I'm still hoping for two more yet, but at this rate, they'd be more likely to arrive tomorrow, or one of the two days after that. Same thing goes for stuff I'm expecting in the mail, the list of which is now up to a pair of ears, an R4DS, and two CDs. All I really want at the moment are the ears, so I can have them for next Monday, but hopefully they show up by then.

One thing that helps a bit (and that took me this long to realize) is that I can (and actually have to) use different sites to track packages based on where they are. For example, with sending that tail back to SPark, if I search for the tracking number on canadapost.ca, it simply says that an international item has left Canada or something to that effect. However, if I go to usps.com and search for the same number there, I get "Origin Post is Preparing Shipment", with the details being "We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece." Frankly, that makes it sound like it's not quite as far along as I'd like it to be, but it's nice to have an update for something that happened after the 6th. As for the R4DS, searching for it on Canada Post's site gives "International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs", with the location being Mississauga. There is, unfortunately, no tracking number for my ears (I wouldn't expect one for that small of a package anyways), but I'm just going to assume they're on their way.

Then next week another eCheck payment will be clearing for Mom's Christmas present, leaving Dad's and Naomi's the only ones left to get. I am, however, not sure what I'm going to get her... There's still some time to think about it though. And then all those aside, I have to find something smaller to get each of them. Last year it was Tim Hortons gift certificates for Dad, cashews for Mom, and so on. I can just buy those things from Sobeys or Real Canadian Superstore though, so there's no rush to get them, aside from figuring out exactly what to buy this time :p

The other thing I wonder is if since it's known and more or less accepted that I'm furry now, whether or not that'll influence what they decide to get me at all (both for Christmas and my birthday) ^^; I do hope so, but I'll just have to wait and see, I guess~

As for other things, yesterday was really interesting. Did stuff on my laptop from 3:30 straight through 'till quarter after 11 or so, at which point the feeling being cooped up got to be too much, so I opened the front door and just stood there breathing in the cold air for a bit, which actually was really nice. Earlier on in the night, I figured I would go to Tim Hortons since I had the night off, so I went upstairs, grabbed my debit card, and off I went. It was a good idea too, because they had these (presumaby) new Timbits labelled "Chocolate Snow", that turned out to be the standard chocolate ones coated in powder they put on the filled donuts / Timbits. So anyways, I bought some stuff there, then went home, and rearranged my room again :p At first I wanted to have my bed up against the wall next to my closet, but that left hardly any room to open the door, and wouldn't have worked for the fan either, because the outlets in my room are in such positions that there's only three or four "configurations" I can have everything in and still be comfortable. For now though, my bed is in the same place as before, but it's just rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise~

I like it though because instead of my bedside table being in front of my bed, it's actually off to the side, so there's no more shoving blankets out of the way so I can check stuff on my laptop. And then there's something quite nice about natural light, well, lighting up the room instead of the ceiling fan. So in all, I'm quite pleased with it :3

After that (it was actually about halfway through to tell the truth), I went downstairs and made a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake which tasted almost exactly like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ^^; I'll definitely have to make another one tonight, but the unholy noise the blender makes when you put ice into it is enough to wake up the entire house :x Chances are I'll head to Tim Hortons again too, but if so, it'll be either the one over by Taco Bell or the same one I used to stop by all the time on the way home on Keil. Not only is it nice enough outside to do that now, but it also alleviates a bit of the "What have I done with my day?" feeling.

But other than that, I have to go check my friends page now because there is at least one post / entry on there I wanted to leave a comment on~

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