Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I Begin to Not Expect Anything

Just for my reference, a list of stuff I'm currently waiting on, in order of how long I've been waiting on them (I remember I did this last year too):

[1] Ears, which, as I said yesterday, hopefully show up by the 22nd at latest...
[2] Email from the guy who runs furry.ca. I both updated my profile info and sent him a picture to put next to it on August 23rd, and it hasn't changed yet :s
[3] Both an email from SPark to say that she received my tail, and also getting that, as well as my paws and arm warmers back from her
[4] R4DS. It arrived in Mississauga on the 15th, so maybe it'll show up before the end of the week
[5] Two CDs from Vulpvibe. Striker, and The Quick Brown Fox.
[6] An email from "Mel" regarding booking an appointment to get part 1 of my tattoo done. If she hasn't responded by Friday afternoon, I'll be calling them.
[7] Another "eCheck Payment has Cleared" email from Paypal, which is paying for a book I bought on eBay.

The CDs should be showing up on Friday (at least that's what the tracking page for them says), and otherwise, I can only hope that (as silly as it sounds) in getting those here, somebody realizes "Hey, these other two packages are addressed the same as that one. Deliver them at the same time." I told Noir the other night that if anything, my ears would probably arrive on Wednesday just to spite me, but now, if anything, I'll come home from London on Wednesday night, find them waiting for me, and be told that somebody delivered them either after I left on Monday, or on Tuesday morning with the rest of the mail. I am such a pessimist ;_;

But yeah. Back to work from 9-close tonight for another five days, which should be fun. The level of fun, in this case, is dependent on how much there is done when I start working, and how busy it is. Sunday night was extremely slow (it's not every night that we have almost two hours to just sit down in the dining room and play cards or whatever), but chances are that won't carry over into the weekend (it was ridiculously busy last Friday and Saturday).

Aside from that though, I slept 'till about 2:30 today and have just been sitting down here in the living room since. Mom and Dad are gone off to Sarnia to go on some cruise / dinner type thing, Adam's (presumably) off at work, and Naomi is up in the TV room, so it's nice and quiet <3 Had two strange dreams where I was sleeping, one where Adam came to the furmeet with me, and it was rather different. The apartment was oriented in such a way that we would have entered from the balcony (:s), and it seemed much more darker than normal. As for the second one, I was looking through all the spam I had in GMail, and noticed that up at the top of the page were several checkboxes that you could use to turn on or off different types of spam. The couple that I remember were for "Emails that try to steal your account", and "Great awesome deals". Weird :p

...ooh, a little bit more progress :3 Those CDs are now in Windsor, so maybe they'll actually be delivered tomorrow ^^

Anyways, I can't think of anything else to write at the moment, so it's time to either look through my RSS feeds or click the StumbleUpon button for a while. Yay~

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