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She's At It Again...

Came downstairs around 3 today, and everything was fine for about an hour. Naomi and I were the only ones here, so it was nice and quiet, and I decided to slip my footpaws on instead of socks when I got dressed only because they're so much better. Sat down at the computer in the dining room to do some stuff, and shortly after 4, the van pulled into the driveway. The first thing I asked Mom when her and Dad walked in the door was when we were going grocery shopping, and what was her answer? "In about 5 minutes, but I'm not taking you with those boots." Number one, they are *not* boots, thanks. You don't even have to be furry to know what they are, so stop dancing around the other word. "Feet", or "footpaws" is / are what I'm referring to. And number two, how long is this going to go on for, Mom? I don't care what the hell gets said behind my back or even directly to my face. As long as I'm not being physically threatened, I could care less what they're saying. You don't feel the same? Well isn't that something. Last time I checked, it wasn't even your problem to worry about. The best part is later on when we were grocery shopping, she asked why I kept moving everything she put into the cart. Real answer would be "Because it makes more space for other stuff", but I simply asked her "What does it matter?" She responded with "Well it's sort of annoying, and I'd like to know why you're doing it". Yes. That's more or less just how I feel about being told I can't do something *I* want to, because *you* don't want to hear me getting called names behind my back.

I will concede that you took me initially telling you I was into furries pretty well, but let me worry about my own self. I cannot wait until our next family reunion / get-together type thing, because I will be wearing a tail, ears, and possibly paws as well (but if it's at Uncle Brent's place, then no, because most of what we do there is outdoors and thus they'd get far too dirty), and that way I can finally show her and everybody else in my family that what others think isn't going to discourage me. I'm not sure exactly what it says of me that I want to be confronted by someone just so I can show them that I'm able to stick up for myself, but at this point, it seems about the easiest thing to do.

On a slightly less-angry (but still irritated) note, I checked the tracking page for my tail yesterday night upon getting home from work, and it said "Undeliverable As Addressed". So of course, I emailed SPark to see what was up, and found that she had moved. When it comes down to it though, we're both at fault. As she said in her reply, she should've double checked that I had the proper address before sending it out, but I also should've checked as well, and the thought did cross my mind literally as I was writing her address down, but I figured that if it had changed since I last sent her something via regular mail, she would've told me. I guess not though. Thankfully, I did write a return address on there, so it should be showing up back here in a couple weeks, and thus I was thinking about something. Instead of asking her about getting a tail just like the second one I got from Chesh (because the belt loop is coming loose from that one), I wonder what she would say if I asked her about sending that tail to her as well, and getting it fixed plus having a second belt loop added? It feels sort of wrong, because it's not a tail I bought / commissioned from her, but it can't hurt to ask, so I shall do that before I leave for work. The way things are right now anyways, if she says yes, *I* don't see why I wouldn't have them back in time for that Toronto meet.

On the topic of tails though, I passed by a couple girls in the 7-11 parking lot on the way to work yesterday night who asked if they could take a picture of the one I had on, and while she did, the other one asked if I just did that because I wanted to or something. Yes, and it's nice to *not* be asked if I lost a bet. I know doing such a thing is not very high on the overall list of "Things everybody likes to do", and now I can't remember where I was going with this sentence, but the point still stands anyways. Oh, and two nights ago, on the way home from Tim Hortons, some kid on a bike rode up beside me, asked where I got it, said it was "[expletive] awesome", asked if I had a smoke he could borrow, then rode off. "On the internet", "Yeah", and "No, I don't smoke" were my answers. Fun.

Anyways, more will probably come when I get home from work (because there's at least one thing I haven't written about yet), but for now this is done because it would really feel weird if I were to go on to writing about good things in the same entry, and I'm hungry as well, so I need to find something to eat~


LOL sounds like you had a fun day...mine wasnt much better
Oh, it started off well enough, but in retrospect, it would've gone much better if I simply decided to sleep in 'till 3 or so :x

It's slightly better now that I'm home though, and as such, it's time to write about those other things...