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I Have a List of Things Here...

[1] There is a picture here. If you can't see it, you're really not missing out on much, but just in case, it's a card with Underground Tattoos' address and phone number on it, along with my appointment written at the bottom, and something about $20 scrawled in the middle. That place is actually not too far away from here either. I left at ~7pm yesterday night, and in between both walking the wrong way down Grand Ave. at first, and having to walk to work afterwards, I made it there by ~7:40. It's much more helpful knowing where it actually is now too, although things may not go quite as planned for the 10th. My appointment is at 5, as I already said, and unless things work out amazingly well for Deoge, he is going to be late getting there. I'm prepared to go there on my own if need be, but it just makes it slightly more bearable to go with somebody you know and has gone there before. Meh~

[2] When I got home from work yesterday night, the first thing I did was check my emails, because I'd received two. One from LiveJournal, about somebody on here sending me a message, and the other from SPark. Just because there's not much that can be done with it now, take a look at the tracking page for yourself, and it'll be obvious what she wanted to tell me. In her own words, that was... weird. I'm not complaining one way or the other though. I would like to, for I still want to ship that other tail to her to be fixed and I'm not sure if the post office will offer any less-expensive shipping options, but I'll figure that out when I go there later this week. It is good though, because now she should definitely get it by the middle of October. Time will tell, but unless I completely screw up the address again, things should go fine.

[3] First Noir (well, technically Cola was first, but he contacted me through Pounced instead of LiveJournal), and now somebody else has randomly contacted me through this site. Well, not quite randomly, because they chose to send me a message based on that I was the last one to have posted an entry on the furmeet community's friend page. Somebody by the name of Keilian, at any rate. I don't know if that has any particular significance, but I'm not just going to keep referring to them as "somebody" or "someone". We talked for a bit earlier this morning (~4:30 - 6 being early, in this case), then a bit this afternoon, and yeah. Fun ^^ Sort of amusing too, because I thought to myself several times in the past that it was preposterous to expect somebody to just up and randomly send me a message or email, and yet it's happened three times now. Yay ^^;

[4] There is one clear potential problem with where I have my bed positioned right now. While asleep the other night, I rolled over one way too far, and fell out of bed :x It didn't hurt or anything, but it's still a weird feeling to suddenly fall and feel yourself in a position you've never been in while sleeping before. The upside to it is my tails are all hanging up over there, and they're nice and soft <3 If there was another power outlet in the corner near them though, I would rotate my bed again so it faces the window, but it'll do for now. I just need to keep in mind that it is literally right there when I'm sitting in my chair, because I've already tried to stand up too quickly a couple times, and bashed the screen of my laptop against the post :x

[5] For the first time in the ~3 years I've been there now, I saw the dining room get deckscrubbed yesterday night. Well, not even "saw", because I actually did it, and it was... quite a job. For one thing, just scrubbing the queue and floor in front of the menu boards yielded almost completely black water :s Also, deckscrubbing of any sort is one very good way to work up a sweat, and I definitely was. The floor looks a good deal cleaner now though, so it'd be nice to go into work tonight and see a "Thank-you" from Sheila next to the schedules. It would also be nice to be told that she's taken care of my second request, but I'll wait for the new schedule to go up for now, and see what things look like on there. Oh, and also, Brandon said something sort of amusing yesterday night. I was out in the dining room playing Mario's Picross 2 on my PSP, and he came out just to sit down for a bit, and, as he usually does, said "Hey kitty". Talked with him for a bit, then he looked over next to me and asked if I knew the card with my name on in was right there (that being the one he wrote "Kitty =]" on). Yes, I do, because I put it there ^^ Do *you*, however, realize that the one next to it that says "Karadur" is also my name?

But yeah. Otherwise this afternoon, I want to tidy up my desktop, and room, and do some laundry. I plan on doing the first two things right after I finish writing this, but laundry can wait 'till I get home from work. All I'm concerned with tonight is that I'm asleep by 6:30 or so. That way I can follow the same format as usual for tomorrow, which is waking up at noon, having a shower, getting things packed up, and leaving for the train station at ~1:30 Later than that if Mom or Dad are around to give me a ride, but I'll see about that then.

For now though, time to start cleaning up some files~

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