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What I Get for Waiting 'Till the Last Minute

So much for that :x I was hoping Mom would be around so I could send my tail out and get a ride to the train station, but no. Just as I was about to head downstairs, I heard her say something like "Let's get going guys", then Naomi and Adam saying "Alright" or "Okay". Went downstairs anyways, chatted with Keilian for a bit, and having still not seen her at ~1:50, decided to leave. Stopped by 7-11 on the way there to get some money, then shortly after leaving realized that I forgot to bring change for the bus :s Stopped by Shoppers to grab a chocolate bar and a bottle of water though, and asked for change there, so that'll do for now.

The other thing I forgot is my external hard drive (and thus all my music), but that's less important. I still have some music on my desktop and torrents partition, so they'll do. Note to self for next time though: make a list of stuff you want to bring the night before.

Otherwise, I sent that email to Josh yesterday night before going to bed, so I'm sort of interested to see if he's replied by the time I get there. I still have those movie certificates we were given at work, and I actually brought them with me this time, so it'd be nice to put them to use.

There isn't much else to say at the moment, however, so I'm going to put my headphones on and play StepMania or Mungyodance 3~