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Delays are So Fun...

Alternate title: Here's Your "Higher Power" At Work, Deoge.

9:10 to 9:24 tonight was quite rushed :x Was dropped off at the train station two minutes before it was supposed to leave, so instead of just sitting down I walked up to the doors, and they wouldn't open. Walked around and tried the other one, and got the same result, so I figured I must've been early, and sat down. I asked a lady sitting next to me if she was waiting for the 9:26 train as well, but apparently she was waiting for somebody that was on the train, and pointed up at one of the TVs that said something about the train being delayed.

So I pulled out my PSP, played some games, put my tail back on, started writing something for here, and generally tried to keep myself busy until ten after 11, at which point the train *finally* arrived.

Got back into Chatham at about quarter after 12, walked home, and now I'm up here in my room writing this. I'm rather angry because my ears still haven't shown up yet. Also, Litt(i/le)cat seems to have grown since I last saw her as well, but that may simply be because for the past couple days the only cats I've seen are Raja and Blue :p

For now though, I plan on doing another one of those "here's everything that went on" things, but it may or may not happen tonight, because I have a headache that hopefully goes away because I took a Tylenol, I'm rather tired, and I also have to be up for 1 tomorrow because I'm going to Heart and Stroke at 2. Yay :s


^^, Well hopefully no higher power intervines this time with me getting my Car Oct. 7th
For your sake, I certainly hope so :p It's just both amusing and frustrating now, because we would've had plenty of time to eat supper, and then getting to Via Rail which such a small amount of time left.

But yes. I expect at least an LJ entry or message in MSN if you do get your car on the 7th, so I'll wait 'till then~