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I can think of no decent way to lead into this, so let's just go into the LJ-cut.

I've already gone over what I did Monday morning, but for the sake of completeness...

Woke up at noon, jumped in the shower, got done in there at 12:30, started packing, then went downstairs, and talked with Keilian while waiting for Mom. Finally, at 1:50, I figured she wasn't going to show up, so I took the box my tail was in back up to my room, then took off for the train station. Stopped at 7-11 on the way there to withdraw $80 from the ATM, then again at Shoppers to pick up a bottle of water and a chocolate bar, so I would not only have something to eat on the train, but also so I could have change for the bus. Got to Via Rail in time to have about 5 minutes to stand outside catching my breath, then the train pulled up, we all boarded, and I was on my way to London. Of course, we stopped about halfway there so another train could pass (which is still odd, because I know that didn't happen the first time I went), but we arrived in London at 3:30 or so, which was more or less right on time. From there, I walked up to Dundas, waited for the bus, took it to Adelaide, waited for the other bus, got off at Shoppers, walked to Hasty Mart to grab some snacks (1L bottle of Pepsi, bag of peach rings, package of "sour belts" and a bag of M&Ms chocolate covered almonds), and from there, walked to the apartment, which was where interesting things started to happen.

First of all, when I rang 209 nobody answered, but I noticed a couple walking up towards the doors of the building, so I waited and followed them in, went up to the second floor, and sat down beside the door. Started playing PSPRevolution and Mario's Picross 2 on my PSP to pass some time, until a door further down the hall opened, and Deramin walked out with his (or their) dog. For one thing, after hearing everybody else refer to you as "Dermy" while I was there, I'm just going to call you by that name in the rest of this entry, and also, I can't remember the dog's name for the life of me. I *want* to say it's Jasmine, but that's only because I think of her barking whenever somebody comes to the door and can hear shouts of "Jasmine! Shut up!" X3 Anyways, he said I was welcome to wait at their place for a bit, so I grabbed my backpack and walked down to their apartment. Of course, upon opening the door I was immediately greeted by barking, but it's funny in an odd sort of way :p Went into the living room to sit down, where E was doing something with her bed (I think). Said hi, was asked if I bought a new tail, explained that the other one I'd worn previously was off being fixed, and sat down on the couch at the far end of the room and did random things on my laptop. Eventually the cat came out and started meowing for wanting to be fed, so I petted (pet?) her for a bit, then went back to whatever I had been doing.

Several minutes after that, Jasmine started barking again, and no sooner than she stopped, and Cola walked into the living room. By that point Dermy was back and watching Batman cartoons on his laptop, and Cola needed to talk to E about something, so I started watching, and after the second episode had finished, got up and walked back to Cola's apartment to see the kittens.

As I've already said, they are so cute <3 Not only are they incredibly tiny, but they make the most adorable noises when they meow, and are lots of fun to play with as well ^^ As it would happen though, Cola actually needed E to check them for fleas or some other sort of pest / parasite, which is exactly what she was doing when I went in there, so I watched for a bit, then started petting the one that wasn't wrapped up in a towel, and then the other one once he was deemed to be "clean". Watched them play with each other, almost fall off the bed fighting, hide underneath the desk, and try the litterbox out once again once Cola brought it into his room. Continued to just sort of watch and pet them if they came close to me for about an hour, then went back into the living room and started talking with Keilian again. Talking reminded me that I'd offered to ask Cola if he knew of anybody that came to the meets that drove through or by St. Thomas, and I also had another question to ask him about getting to where the meet would be later that night, so back down the hallway I went, and came back several minutes later with answers. I'd sort of suspected up 'till that point that I'd probably walk, and he didn't plan on leaving until he picked Madius up from work, so I looked up directions on Google Maps, thought that good enough, and was off. Well, off for less than a minute, because I forgot my candy and pop inside :p

Anyways, all I really took from the directions I looked at was to walk down Adelaide to James, then down James to Hellmuth. From there, it'd just be a matter of finding the house with a post in the middle of the lawn (I was more expecting it to be a post with a message written on cardboard and taped to it, but it was literally a post of the variety that you might hang a sign from). It was, however, not that easy.

I got down to *St.* James in about half an hour, but I figured "Oh, meh, maybe I just didn't read the first part of it", and turned down that street. After walking for a good ten minutes and not seeing any sign of Hellmuth, I pulled out my PSP in hopes of being able to get on Google Maps, and there were a couple unsecured access points, but any time I tried to connect to one of them I couldn't get past the "Test connection" stage. So in the end, I walked *all* the way down to the end of the street, then up Talbot to Richmond, and took a left at the intersection there, because by that point I was planning to head back to the apartment if I didn't see any sign of Hellmuth while walking along. Asked a couple random girls along the way if they could tell me where James street was, and they pointed over to the street I had just been walking along and said "Umm... St. James is over there", so I figured I must have not been paying enough attention or something. Thankfully, the second or third side street I came across was Hellmuth, so I turned and started walking up it. Finally, as if those problems weren't enough, I would've walked straight past the house it was at had I not seen Sunie grabbing food (presumably) from one of the cars. Walked into the backyard, said hi, sat down in an empty chair, and everything becomes a blur from there.

What I do remember is finally seeing a couple other furs in a non-fursuiting setting wearing tails, ears, and in one's case, paws, so that was nice. I don't *mind* having been the only one thus far (that I've seen) to do that, but it just made me sort of wonder if they only ever get dressed up for special events and such. One way or the other though, I remember being asked by Stitch how I was doing, listening to Morgan tell a story about something or other (as soon as I saw him there I remembered I forgot to bring a dryer sheet too :x), watched one of the other furs play with his Rubik's cube (I *think* his name was Kaz), had to help E up after she sat down on the arm of a chair and thus fell backwards onto the ground (it was quite funny though ^^;), watched the same raccoon come and go to get food that was being thrown to him (they eventually named it Ryan, I think, as well :p) and then ate. Quite a bit of food. I ended up having three hamburgers, the bottle of pop I brought along, several of the candies I'd purchased earlier, and two slices of cake once it was brought out.

There was just one awkward moment in doing that though. May asked for somebody to help her, and I had nothing to do at the moment so I said I would, but Dermy did as well, so we both went in, and were introduced to her roommates. Well, sort of. Yeah, sure, giving fur names might not mean the same thing to them as it does to other furries, but when I come to London, I am Karadur. The *only* thing I can see my real name getting brought into things for is if, say, something happened that involved me having to go to the hospital, or I got stopped by a cop while out walking. The latter shouldn't really happen while it's still light out, but it could, so meh. That was the awkwardness though, because she said "And this is..." and stared at me for a bit before saying "He's not going to tell me his real name", and I mumbled something about being rather fussy about that. It's not so much being fussy, but the odds of me ever running into your roommates again are extremely slim, and I also didn't want to say it for the reason detailed above.

But yes. We grabbed the cake, and plates, and on the way out I pet one of the cats and thus was shown where the other 4 were (thankfully nobody was killed that night :p), then went outside again. The cake was good, but it probably would've been better if it had been put in the freezer earlier, because it was rather... messy. Never let it be said that messiness can stop furries from eating delicious cake though, because we all dug in and it was gone in less than ten minutes ^^ Things dwindled down after that (it was about 10:00 by then), several comments were made about it being the shortest furmeet ever, then mostly everybody took off. The few of us that were left behind started to clean things up, but were promptly scolded by May to stop (we're just trying to help ;_;), so we just stood there and chatted for a bit, then got into Cola's car and took off for the apartment again. My plans *were* to walk home, but I'd eaten more than enough, and thus thought it better to just get a ride. When we got back, well, I really can't remember what happened either.

We got out of the car, walked to the elevator, went up to the second floor, and either went to Cola's place first, or straight to Dermy's. I think it was actually Cola's, because I recall somebody having left a message on their machine that made no sense. We ended up back at the other apartment eventually though, because I remember playing StepMania and having somebody whose name was (and I'm probably going to spell this wrong) "T. Dog" or something like that. He tried a couple songs on it too, and he's quite good at the game too (he just plays it differently than I do), but either he was drunk enough for that to affect how well he was doing, or I just am better, because when I took it back I went into Destination of the Heart, got to the fast part, and was told that he was just mesmerized watching my hand paw. I honestly wish I could do the same, and I've tried to prop up our old digital camera on some books before just to see what it looks like when I play a fast song, but I never could get it to work :x One way or the other though, I still play the game far too much <3 That's all I have to say about that, however, so moving on...

Some time after that somebody said they were still hungry, and that led to us eventually all going to McDonalds :p If there weren't another thing that happened a bit later that was even more interesting, I'd say that was the best part of the night, because there's just something enjoyable about randomly up and deciding to go out and get food at midnight with your friends ^^ The only problem there was that T had misplaced his wallet, but he was pretty sure he knew where it had gone, and his food was paid for anyways, so we all went home happy. Strangely enough, pulling back into the parking lot at the apartment, we noticed somebody had taken his spot, but he (T) picked a new one, and when he got out, walked over to the other car, bent down, and picked something up off the ground - his wallet :p All of his money and everything was still in it, but just what are the chances of that happening? From there we all walked over to E's car because she had fuzzy dice (or companion cubes - I can't remember which) for him, and then from there, we went back up, sat down at the table, and ate.

I'm not sure who they were talking about, but I heard enough to know what the thing being discussed was, and eventually something was said about "Well, I guess that's all of us here, actually", and I sort of looked around the table nervously and almost choked on a chicken nugget ;_; First of all, note that "all of us" was Deramin, Bob, T, Madius, E, and me (although E was off to the side doing other things). Secondly, I don't *recall* having said anything about it recently, and I didn't say anything about it then (something along the lines of "... all of us?", perhaps), so you're free to take it as you wish, but it was still interesting, and quite a breath of fresh air to know that even if I was being referred to as well, it really didn't make a difference to anyone. As for what "it" specifically is, if you were there, you should know. If you weren't, well, feel free to ask, but there are only two (*maybe* three) furs I have on my list in Pidgin right now that I would tell, simply because it's something that I don't want to have to worry about at the moment.

So anyways, we moved from the table back into the living room, where I played StepMania a bit more, then eventually ended up taking over for whoever had been playing Mario 3, because Mario had been sitting at the start of world 1 since quite possibly before we left :p I had wanted to play through *all* of the levels, but I got up to about the middle of the 3rd world before I used a warp whistle by accident. Went to world 7, because that was the one I really wanted to play, but got up to the castle right near the end of the world and couldn't beat it after a couple tries, so I warped straight to world 8, and went on to beat the game from there :3 Cue drunken applause from T the first time, then I started into Mario 1, because I didn't really want to go back to StepMania, and my laptop was refusing to connect to any of the unsecured wireless points nearby. Anyways, I beat that game too (all the levels, in fact) to more slow drunken clapping, *then* I went back to StepMania. Continued playing that 'till about 4, at which point I went back to Cola's place (as before, Madius went back to go to bed before me, so I was instructed to lock the door when I came back, although one of these times I'm going to say "No, I'm going to stay here tonight, so you can go ahead and lock it), then talked with Keilian a bit more, then went to bed at 6.

In sum, Monday was quite awesome ^^

There isn't a whole lot to mention about Tuesday outside of the usual stuff (going to Wendys for lunch with Madius, chatting online later on in the afternoon, etc.), but I did take Cooper the money for my conbadge, so at the moment I just have to decide exactly what I want, and give her one more picture as a reference of the sort of pose I'm thinking about. I hope to have that done by tomorrow at latest though, and for now I just have to set up a pounce in Pidgin to ask somebody if they still have the userpic that gave me the idea originally. Also, the cat Cooper and Strype have is very fat. Just a random fact there :p

And as for Wednesday, there were a couple more-out-of-the-ordinary things, as follows.

For one, plans were made earlier in the week for everybody to go to some "Wonder Sushi" for supper. They would, however, be there past when the train would be leaving, so I said I'd just take the bus to the train station on my own. However, plans change, because Madius either was or became sick, and Dermy (I think) got it from him as well, and Stitch didn't want them to come along for an acceptable reason, but as they said, the way he let them know was, well, not that great. So anyways, different plans were made for the four of us (Cola, Madius, Deramin and me), so we left the apartment around 7, after packing things up and taking my tail off because Madius said I should probably pack it. I really feel as if I should've said "No" though. Yes, if we're going to a nice place for supper it'd probably be for the best, but I give Mom enough of a hard time about the same thing. And then he never says anything when we go to Wendys, so perhaps he's just worried about me not embarrassing myself or the rest of our group, but in that case, I'd like to say it's my problem to worry about, but he would sort of have reason to as well, so feh. It's too late to do anything one way or the other now though, so I'll leave it at that.

Down to the car we went, where I put my backpack, tail, water, and chocolate bar in the trunk (I forgot the bottle of water too, because I didn't want to have to root around for it when the train might be getting ready to leave), and we were off. To Shoppers at first, where Dermy bought glasses of some sort, four towels, and a belt, I think :p While wandering around though, I saw more of those pillowcases, and there was one with pink leopard spots instead that I sort of wanted to get, but I knew there was no way I'd be getting through supper and the ride to the train station without something being said about it, and also, the pillow on my bed right now is far too big for those. It'd still be cool to just have though ^^; Then there were also leopard-spotted pillows and cushions that looked nice as well, and had I had more money and some way to transport them home, I would've bought one, but I didn't. Perhaps one of these times I'll have to ask Cola about going up there for four days and seeing if Walmart still has that stuff~

So from there, we went to Kelseys for supper, where we were all originally planning on ordering a full meal, but after finding that it was almost 9, settled on their four appetizers deal. We got out of there about ten after 9, rushed to get to the train station, and as I already said got there with two minutes to spare, but I went in, found that it was delayed, and the rest I've already written about.

All in all, I obviously had alot of fun this time as well, but I'm not sure what's going to happen in the coming months. I told Cooper I hope to be back for at least one more meet before MFF, but that all depends on what Cola says when we talk in a couple days. Why? Right now, the easiest thing to do for being "picked up" seems to be getting a train ticket *to* London for the day before. Hopefully I'll have an update towards that on Sunday though.

And as for work and other things, they can wait for now, because like last time I wrote one of these things, I have a couple things to do before I leave for work tonight, and if I post this right now, I'll have two hours and 45 minutes, so I might as well :p I'll probably write something else when I get home tonight, but for now, that's more than enough~

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