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Rant-y Work Related Things

Going back to Thursday night, Steve, Joe, and I were sitting out in the dining room waiting for 8:00, and Ange asked Steve who he was going to put on drive through. He said something about Joe having been on it the night before, so that George would be, which she did not agree with. Apparently he had already been called in early, and thus had been on it since 5, so she asked why I couldn't be on it, then Steve just told her to put his till down there, which she did after a hell of a lot of grumbling and complaining.

Ange: are you closing? No. Then please just put a till in drive through as instructed by the closing manager, count the other one off, make sure you've done anything else you were supposed to, and go home.

I almost went up there to give her some choice words, but she's supposed to work 'till 10 tonight, so if she is there and starts again, I may just end up doing it. The only thing she has on me anyways is that whole "Crystal" thing from a while back, and even if she remembers and says something about it to try to get back at me, I'm fully prepared to simply say "Yeah, her and Manoah asked me if I had a girlfriend a while ago, and I made something up because I didn't want to say 'No'".

So anyways, our newest thing related to that on closes is that Earl is now making up deployment for them. I'm almost certain that's thanks to Ange though, and I sent him an email about it before I went to bed this morning, so hopefully he replies tonight. That was done for the first time last night though, and I was supposed to close the dining room, but Steve did instead. I went back and washed dishes from ~10pm to 1:30am, because they were quite literally stacked up. Best part about it? Ange was supposed to be there 'till 9, but she left at 7. Why couldn't she have stayed behind and done some dishes, or cleaned and helped them get stuff done for closing? I really didn't mind, especially after finishing them and being told twice by Cindy that she was amazed I did them that fast, without organizing them as well, but I do mind Ange and her neverending stream of hypocrisy. She may be there when I go in tonight though, and I am so looking forward to getting asked to clock in early.

There was one other interesting thing on Thursday night though. I had volunteered to go back and help George with the dishes, and I noticed a sour cream bottle poking out from under the pop rack, to I pulled it out and washed it. Then, out of curiosity, I got right down on the floor and looked underneath of it, and saw several more, which I was able to pull out with a broom. And finally, I ended up pulling two boxes off of the bottom rack, and crawling back into it to grab quite a few more sauce and sour cream bottles that were back there. Oh, and there was also a pan with moldy nacho cheese in the bottom, and a piece from either a red sauce or cheese pump that was completely filled with the same. They were all put into bags, and left in the office with a note for Sheila and Earl saying "We found these, and they should probably be thrown out, but there are quite a few here, so it's up to you to decide what to do with them."

Then at the end of the night George came over here to get that second Harold & Kumar movie put on his PSP, then we talked for a good ten minutes about random things at work, eventually leading to something about days off, and how I have two in October right now, and expect to be in pain for a little while on one of them. He jokingly asked if I was going to have my tail surgically removed or something (never ever ever *ever*), and for now, he just knows it's something he'll be able to see when it's done with. And then besides, since I am getting by *back* tattooed, and will need to rub Curel / Polysporin on it when it starts feeling dry, but since that will undoubtedly happen while I'm at work, and I may not be able to reach my entire back, it'd be helpful to have somebody there to help me with it. Oh, and also on that note, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the shirt I have for work now. There is a *small* hole in the back, and you really can't see anything through it, but it still might be a better idea to wear the other one I have. We'll see then, I guess.

So obviously not a whole lot has gone on in the past couple days aside from work :p More or less just talking with Keilian in Pidgin and doing random things on my laptop. Oh, and that reminds me, if you're reading this, Deramin, thank you. Sure, I should not be the one saying it, but like I said in that message, asking the three of you if you'd mind somebody you don't even know staying at your place for a couple nights is just one of those awkward things :s

Also as well though, going back to the last paragraph of the cut up there, I had a dream just before I woke up, in which Nate (Noir and Deoge's friend) walked into Taco Bell dressed as if he was a manager, and sort of bumped me aside because he needed to get to something on line. I asked him what he was doing there, and I said "I really don't know", then I went back into the middle to do something. I could hear him up on line still talking to somebody, saying "He's getting a tattoo" or something to that effect, and all I could think was "Why did you have to say that? Yes, I am, but it's not as if it's any concern of theirs", but when he finally did come into the middle, all I asked him was how much it hurt getting it done over your spine, because Deoge told me to ask next time I saw him, and apparently my brain took that phrase just a bit too literally ^^;

Otherwise, I'm still laying in bed right now, chatting with Deoge, and passing time 'till 7. I did download Kirby Super Star Ultra though, so I think I'll post this then play it for a bit. Adam made a comment the other day about really wanting the game as well, but I can only hope he doesn't go out and buy it before Christmas, for obvious reasons.

Anyways, yeah. That's it 'till I get home from work, depending on how things go tonight~

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