Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

This Always Happens

Always. On any special day, I get sick. My throat was feeling rather sore yesterday, and today it's made it to the point where my throat still hurts, but my nose is also running. Gah. Not only that, but I also got at least 10 hours of sleep last night. From around 3 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon, and yet even now, I feel incredibly tired. Screw all this though. I'm still going up to EB Games after work tonight, and I will get a Wii.

Thank God I have tomorrow off though, because not only will it probably be busy, but also I can see whatever I've come down with right now being in it's worst stage tomorrow.

GG. I would call in to work, to say I was sick, but Kevin works tonight, and I was telling him about the specials EB Games is going to have, and that I plan on going up there after work, so if I were to phone in sick, he'd suspect me of just wanting to stay home so I could be up there earlier. Tonight I'm actually hoping I'll be on drive through, because I can't very well be on line with my nose and throat, but also because as was proven last night, just so long as the dishes are caught up by 3:00, we can almost certainly be out of there by 3:30. Last night everything except for the dishes was done by 12:30, and we ended up being there 'till 1 getting all those cleaned up.

Just so long as we get out of there by 4:30 at latest (and that should only happen if we have to put the order away), I should be good, and like I said before, if something happens to prevent me from getting a Wii, I still plan on picking up Twilight Princess for it. Right now I'm making my plans around that I will be getting a Wii though.

I was reading up a bit on "Black Friday" last night, and from what I read, some places are unbelievably busy on that day, but once again, our EB Games is a smaller store, located in a strip mall sort of thing, so I can see there being a small line of people already there (maybe 5 or 6 at most), which is plenty bearable.

The one thing that still worries me is that I'm basing my assumption that they'll be open at 7 strictly on what I've read on the internet. Yes, if one store's open at that time, then chances are the others will be as well, but there is some uncertainty involved in that. Oh well. Even if they don't open at 7, it'll only leave 3 more hours 'till they open normally (10).

Heh. Adam just turned to look at the monitor, and says "Just so you know, you have looong posts" :p

Anyways, that'll be it 'till tomorrow.

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