Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Another One of those Memorable Nights

Dear Noir: either you left yourself signed into MSN, or one of your friends have again, because you're "Available" right now, but nobody has responded to the messages I sent ;_; My biggest question at the moment though is if you're able to meet me here on the 10th, so either let me know in there, or in a comment on here. Thanks ^^

Otherwise, one last shift to go tonight, with Cindy and George. Shouldn't be too bad, because I was put on drive through yesterday night, and thus it'll be George's turn now. It wasn't too bad last night either, except for that I ended up having to do all the dishes once again, aside from the bus bins because they were needed for carryover, and thus Steve washed them. Oh, and earlier in the night a couple (presumably) drunk girls came through, and before leaving, asked what time they could pick me up. I said "Well, I'm probably going to walk home" to much gasping from George and Joe who were on line. What? I'm serious. I don't like getting rides home period (unless it's raining) let alone from somebody I don't even know. But of course, Joe had to ask later just what I was thinking when I turned them down, and I said something about not having the patience for it then because there were still more cars in line. Then George, who was out in the dining room by then, yelled something to the effect of "She doesn't have a tail!". I didn't think of that, but yes. Joe said he hadn't thought of it that way, but that it did make sense, and it's true, really. It's sort of weird to actually think about it, but I'm much more willing to go along with whatever if I know you are furry / into them.

Anyways, we got done about 10 to 4 there, then I came home, and once again chatted with Keilian for a while. Among other things, it's looking right now like there's a chance of him being able to attend the meet tomorrow, which is cool :3 I still need to talk to Cola sometime today as well about MFF and also to ask him if sometime near the end of October works for coming up for the meet one last time before the con, but he's offline right now, and as such, I may very well just send him an email before I leave for work. So we talked about that and a couple other things until 6, then I went to bed, woke up at ~2:30, and that's where we are right now.

And with that, I brought some nachos and lava sauce home for a snack yesterday night, and some of the sauce is still left, so I'm going to go warm up some sausages and see how they taste with it~

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