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Karadur Inacu 

Putting it Off Even Longer~

I mentioned a little while ago having left a note for Sheila explaining that I'd booked October 3rd through 5th off, but my plans had changed, and I needed the 10th and 11th off instead, but I could work that other weekend. Apparently she missed that I could work on Sunday, or decided to let me have it off anyways, because another schedule has gone up at work, and I have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off, then am back 8 - close on Monday, which is apparently Thanksgiving. It'd better be too, because we'll get paid time and a half :3

Anyways, as for what I'm putting off, it's buying that record to CD converter for Dad's Christmas present. At this very moment, I'm just going to wait until the 10th, place the order, go to the bank and get the money order at the same time I withdraw money for my tattoo (assuming that's what I'll end up doing, but I still have to see what Deoge says), then mail it out either on the same day, or Saturday. Yes, that way I'll suddenly be withdrawing $800 at most from my bank account all at once, but I'd rather save up as much as possible right now, then withdraw what I need all at once, because that way it doesn't feel quite as bad.

So anyways, where tonight is concerned, I would rather not be here, but I am, and if anything I'll probably occupy myself with tidying my room up a bit or something, because it's getting slightly messy. Or depending on much change I have, I may walk over to Tim Hortons, because aside from heading up to Staples about ten minutes ago to buy a microSD card, I've been in my room all day :s Ran into somebody I used to sort of be friends with in high school there though (apparently he works at Staples), and made very quick small talk, then he walked off to do something else. I was rather expecting him to ask about the tail, but either he didn't see it, or already knew what it was for / about, which is something I remembered on the way home. He's the same guy that went on Furcadia with me quite often during lunch. So if he had asked, I would've just said "Remember playing this with me in high school? It just took it's own course from there" ^^;

But anyways, I now have both things I wanted to buy for Adam, aside from something small and likely edible, but I'll look around to see if they have anything decent out yet when we go grocery shopping this week. And then I'm also curious if they're going to bring back those fur throws, but we'll have to see. Assuming they do, I'm more or less interested in seeing if there are new colors. I told Keilian a while back that I was considering sending one of the two white ones I have to SPark as well to have snow leopard spots airbrushed onto it, but I'm really not sure about that. I mean yes, it would look cool, but it's really not that great of an idea. I don't want to have to pay $70 just for something like that.

Although one thing I'm *thinking* of is asking her how much just a tail would be, if the spots were made out of actual black fur, and not just airbrushed on. That honestly seems pretty complicated as well (you'd have to cut the black fur just so, and the white fur even more carefully to make sure the black stuff would fit into it without leaving any empty space), but meh. There's no harm in asking~

As for other quick things, once again, sorry, Cola, but I am almost positive that at one point you had a picture set like that. If I hadn't formatted my laptop since then I'd go back and look for it, but I cannot :x I remember the picture you set after it too, if it helps any, but I can't think of the proper way to describe it.

Chatted with Cooper for a bit earlier as well, and as things stand right now, she *thinks* she knows what I'm asking for, so for now I'm waiting on the sketch, and in the meantime I need to either find a place around here that can print and laminate it, or dearly hope that I'm able to head up to London one last time before MFF to find the place she was talking about.

Anyways, that'll do for now, because I need to start cleaning things up here~

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