Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

"EB Games Sucks"

Quote from Josh, earlier on tonight. Yeah, he wasn't supposed to work, but Lisa, our dining room closer, called in sick, so he came into help us. The night itself didn't go too bad. We were steady, but we still got a fair amount of time to sit down. We ended up getting done around 3:05, so I thought "Sweet. I shouldn't do too badly for my place in line at EB." By the time Dad finally got to Taco Bell to get me, it was about 4:00, so we went on our way, and we waited and waited. For two hours we waited, and nobody else showed up. Well, one guy drove in and stopped about halfway EB and Wal-mart, got out of his car, grabbed some blue thing from his trunk, and went around sweeping various junk up from the lot.

At 6, I got tired of waiting, so I simply said "If you want, we can go. Wal-mart isn't open, and if EB Games was open at 7, we wouldn't be the only ones here right now." Several minutes later, he started up the van, and we left. Now I'm just waiting for 7 to come, because he made the suggestion that I try calling them then, and if they're there, then he'll take me back up. I can't see it happening though. I fully well plan on sending in a "Store Issues" complaint from their website, but knowing it, I'll get some form-letter reply back, detailing that such hours were effective in the U.S. only. Bah.

As for a Wii, I'm officially saying screw it. I'll get one when the time comes where I can walk into Wal-mart or EB Games or wherever else, and see plenty of them. Hopefully some time during the Christmas season, but even so, Christmas for me this year is simply going to be "Oh look, a day off. Oh, hey, I have to work the day after it." For the $500 I still have, I dunno. I might just end up going up to the bank and re-depositing it, because I'd rather not spend it needlessly. Keeping it around here without spending it is just asking for trouble as well. It won't be too long before Naomi's rooting through my room, and just happens to brush her hand against where I'm hiding my money right now.

Oh, and one other thing involving work. It's official: Kevin, Amy, Manoah, and Jerome have either quit or are quitting there jobs there, or are transferring to another store (such is Jerome's case). Take Amy out, and we just lost three of our strongest night people. Apparently they just hired some more people today, who will (I'm assuming) be working closes, which is nice and all, but they need to make sure they train those people properly. My night training was simply Josh showing me drive through one night, then getting stuck on it the night after, by myself, just asking for help when I had a problem. For line, it was more learning by watching other people than anything. My "formal" line training consisted of stuffing during some rush with Shelia and Earl, and as well, Alicia, when she still worked there, also told me a bit about it.

Other than that, everything that I know how to do there now was simply learned through "Okay. You're going to do this, and here's how you do it." Completely unsupervised, with just a mental set of instructions. Anyways, the new people. For one thing, it's good to see that we're not getting completely screwed over for nights, and hopefully this'll also see them hiring more people period. Especially for summer, when it comes. The one good thing about all this though is that now, managers aside, I have seniority :p Really though, that's good and / or bad depending on how you look at it.

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