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Interesting Way of Posting Entries...

Just nosing around in my settings on here earlier, and found an option to post via email. So that's exactly what I'm doing now ^^

So... tonight has been sort of interesting. Met up with Deoge at Tim Hortons again, and we talked for a bit, where I was able to confirm one of the things I was wondering about (I won't say what it is, but you should know because you told me), and chat about some other stuff as well. Interestingly enough though, when I left the house, the ground was wet, so I figured it must have rained, then as I started walking along Lacroix, it started raining again. Stopped at 7-11 to grab money for grocery shopping and a hair cut later this week, then walked around the fence to Tim Hortons. Just as I walked in the door it started pouring, and of course Deoge wasn't there yet, so he got rather wet ^^; Anyways, one other thing of interest has happened since then, but there are a couple things I forgot earlier as well, so it's time for another numbered list:

[1] Upon coming home and picking my laptop up again, I found that I had received an email from Chesh. It more or less says that my ears are done, but she doesn't have my address, and forgot what color I wanted inside of them (or so I assume), and she wants to make sure she sends the right pair, which is both frustrating and amusing. For one thing, it's nice to know I can stop worrying about waking up and hoping they're here for another couple weeks, but also, in less than a month, it will have been a full year since she said she'd make them for me. I'm still of the whole "can't be impatient if I didn't pay for them" attitude, but eleven months is an awful long time to wait for something as small as ears as well. I asked her once again to let me know when they go out though, so hopefully before the end of the week.

[2] I found this site a little while ago with StumbleUpon, and I like it, but the problem with using such a thing is it would have to be posted along with your actual entry. For example (and yes, the song is... unusual, but it's the same one I have set up there):
The code you're given to embed it is much too large to put in the music or mood fields as well, so for the time being, I've made a suggestion about it, so we'll have to see what happens with that~ The only thing I didn't include on the list of disadvantages is that it won't work in Firefox for me, but I remember hearing of some "IETab" extension, and it works fine in Internet Explorer, so perhaps I'll have to try that. Also, it's very difficult to get to fit seamlessly into the page (even there, there's an extra line below it), but it works, I guess.

[3] By the recommendation of Keilian in a chat we had a while back, I downloaded "50 First Dates", and watched it tonight. For the most part, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it, but that would be a really depressing way to live unless you actually had somebody that cared about you that much to keep reminding you "Hey, despite thinking you don't know me, this is what's going on, and I still like / love you anyways." I mentioned planning to watch it to Deoge though, and he told me I should find "The 40 Year Old Virgin" as well, so I may do that and have something to watch on Wednesday, which is my next day off ^^

[4] Also on the topic of things I was asking Deoge about, how I'm going to pay for my tattoo is one of them, and as a result my plans are now to go to the bank on either the 9th or 10th (possibly just the 10th, because we could go there on the way to Underground Tattoos, and just walk down by the river to get closer to where it is), withdrawing $500, and depositing whatever I have left over back into my account. Although I'm thinking if I have at least $172 (and I might), that money will be going straight towards the hotel room for MFF, because that's the cost four the room split between the four of us. I'm actually rather looking forward to it too, for meeting new furs, and sharing a room with them for several days. I don't know what it is specifically, but there's just something about it~ Oh, but that gives me one question for Cola: how might I go about getting in contact with them? I'd at least like to introduce myself and say "Hey, we'll be sharing a room for MFF in a couple months, so, well, hi ^^".

[5] I has a (delayed, assuming I caught it from Madius or somebody else in London) cold. Or at least that's what I figure from the balled up pieces of toilet paper that are strewn about my floor. Yes, I'll get to cleaning them up eventually, but at this point, it's more a matter of "I'm probably going to end up using more eventually, and they'll just end up on the floor as well, so why bother cleaning them up right now?" Yay anyways though :p Although when I was in London, Cola mentioned some concoction that'd make you sweat it out overnight, and Madius responded by saying he was thinking of getting into his (fur)suit, because that's what he did last time or something, and neither are applicable to me ;_; The sweating it out thing, sure, but the only times I sweat that much is when I'm deckscrubbing at work, or getting things ready for the order, and if I'm sick, I shouldn't be at work in the first place :s

[6] More things I want to get eventually. The "Height" and "Online Communities" posters here, one of these keyboards, three CDs from Vulpvibe (I Am Sinistar, 5 Step Adventure, and Mungyodance Extend), *and* possibly a digital camera for MFF. The posters are only ~$30 (shipping is $20 though, I think :x), the keyboard is ~$70, and the CDs would probably be about $70 as well, maybe more including shipping. Although I did do this sort of thing last year, and ended up not buying half the stuff that was on my list, so there's always a chance that'll happen this time.

Anyways, this has been interesting, but the character size in this textbox is quite a bit smaller than it is over at LiveJournal, and as such this entry is probably going to look a lot longer than I anticipated, so I'll be done now :p I still want to play Kirby Superstar Ultra some more before I go to bed as well, because there's one door I couldn't figure out how to get to, but I let Adam try it, and clued in to what you're supposed to do quite soon after that :s So yeah. I'm also looking forward to chatting with Kei tomorrow as well to see what he thought of the meet, but all that can be done for is play games until I get tired enough to go to bed, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. Oh, and this entry is also getting added to my memories under "What Happens When I Stay Up Too Long", because I'm definitely rambling, and although it's fun right now, it won't be if I don't decide to stop somewhere~

Edit: Wow, perhaps email posts aren't the best way to go. I just spent the half hour reformatting this because it didn't linkify any of the URLs, and everything was all crammed into half the size of the page too. Weird :s


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