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Karadur Inacu 

Only the Second Day of October, And...

The heat is on already. Was turned on sometime around 2 this morning as well, because I came down here to make a milkshake and it was still rather cool, but then again some time after that to grab something to drink, and not only was Dad already up, but as soon as I opened the door I could feel the heat. I shouldn't be complaining, because this way I just end up going around the house without a shirt on (although that will be changing next week for as long as it takes everybody (Mom, namely) to get used to my back), but if they really think it's that cold now, they're going to be horribly put-out come actual winter.

Today has already gone somewhat different than I expected it to though. Several weeks ago now Naomi and I were informed that we had appointments to get our hair cut on the first Thursday of October. As such, and because I had yesterday night off, I figured if she was able to accommodate it, we'd just go grocery shopping on Wednesday, and not have to worry about being back in Chatham in time to pick up Dad, *and* to go out and get groceries. So I got picked up from Heart and Stroke at 4, and off we went. Well, home first, to get some money for Mom, and also because Adam wanted to come along. From there to the train station where I picked up two more tickets (one for the 19th to 21st of this month, the other from the 18th to 25th of November), then to the bank, and finally out to Real Canadian Superstore. Nothing of particular note there, aside from that they have new things on the shelves nearest the checkout lanes. At first I noticed leopard spotted / patterned pillows, then further down the shelf, bed sheet sets in the same design. After a bit of deliberation, I grabbed the white one, and the fitted sheet is now on the mattress of my bottom bunk <3 Apparently there are pillowcases and a regular sheet too, but it's of the thin variety, which I already have several others of in a pile in front of my chair, but I may pull it out once things start warming up a bit again.

Anyways, from there, we came back home and I set about remaking my bed, then chatted with Noir and Deoge for a bit, ate supper, finally got around to tidying up my room (I found the sock I thought had gone missing in the process ^^), played more Kirby Super Star Ultra, and watched a movie. Kirby is coming along quite well, in that all I've got left to do is the "Milky Way Wishes" thing, and presumably more that will be unlocked after that. As for the movie, I started watching "The 40-Year-Old Virgin", and am about an hour into it right now. Maybe I'll watch the rest when I get home from work tonight (I guarantee you that once I get there, my thoughts will be along the lines of "Oh, I can't wait until I get home to watch the rest of that movie"), but it's more or less at a really annoying point right now. Mind you, the waxing part was funny, and the look on Andy's face when whoever that other guy is starts with his "From here on, I'm going to do whatever it takes to get you laid" thing is all too familiar (from my experiences with being put in that sort of situation, it's a cross between "Don't waste your time", and "Why did I have to say anything?"), but I really dislike the attitude everybody has of "*You're* going to do this, because it worked for *us*".

While I was talking with Noir though I mentioned planning to watch that, and asked if she had any recommendations, thus, for whenever my next day off is, I have a movie I've never even heard of called "Mirrormask" to see. Oh, and there's one other thing that I noticed while we were talking. If you've ever heard of Incredible Machine 3, there is an object which is a paint bucket. You can attach rope to the handle, and have it dangle in the air from an anchor point, or, in the case of the puzzle where it's introduced in the game, attach rope from the handle to two pulleys, and from there to a pail, and lift said pail up to the top of the screen. The paint bucket also has an additional property that can be set, being how fast it drips, which changes how heavy the game thinks it is.

The problem, however, is the faster it's dripping, the more it weighs. The way I ended up describing that to her last night was imagine filling a bucket with water, poking a small hole in the side or bottom, and dropping it from a decent height. It should fall *faster* when there's more water in it, but what the game demonstrates is the exact opposite, being the emptier it is, the more it weighs.

On that note though, there's a puzzle I made in the game on our old computer here that I think is quite good ^^ Unfortunately, I can't even remember the solution anymore, but opening it in the puzzle editor shows all the parts where they're supposed to be, so I'll just have to try to memorize that again~ Oh, and there was one more where the objective was to get Mel home (and possibly accomplish other little things along the way), but I never finished it.

Anyways, I'm going to run upstairs and grab my PSP now, because apparently there' an updated version of PSPRevolution available (assuming I don't already have 0.3), and after that, I'm going to go back to Kirby. Oh, and I should also check if I have all the games Kei wants to borrow if we meet in London in a couple weeks, but otherwise, yeah. Time to get going~

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