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My Dreams Are So Weird...

There were two that I can remember, and I'm going to put them in a cut just in case they end up being long.

Might as well start with the one I can't remember as many details of. Four of us were in a car going somewhere. Where to, I don't know, and there was Cola (who was driving), Adam, Naomi, and me. Weird. Anyways, we continued on to wherever we were headed for a bit, before either Adam or Naomi asked "So when will you be leaving again?" in reference to MFF, and I said "The 18th", then continued on with "But that's when I'll be leaving for London. We're actually heading to the states on the 19th, and Cola said the same thing. Then they asked the same sort of question about when I'd be getting back, and I said "The 25th, but we'll actually be getting back to London on the 24th". From there, we continued driving on a bit more, then Cola asked me something, but he used my real name, and before I even answered his question I said something to the effect of "Well first of all, screw you whoever told him that". No, it's not a big thing to worry about, really, but I like to be the one who gives that sort of stuff out if and when it comes to it. Anyways, I looked at the clock after that, and noticed it was about 8:30, then 8:22 or something, then only 5 minutes after or so (yes, the clock went back in time thrice in less than a minute), realized I was late for work, and figured that if I was at home I'd have gotten a call wondering where I was, and started trying to decide if I should just go home and call them to say "Hey, sorry, I didn't realize it was already 8", or just go in and deal with it there. Thankfully, I woke up, realized what time it actually was (only 9am or so) and went back to sleep.

As for the second one, I was upstairs, nowhere close to any windows (not close enough to be able to see out of them, at any rate), and yet I was suddenly able to look down at the porch, and see some random kid walk up the steps, open the door, and walk right in. Of course I wondered what he was doing, and mused to myself that although he might have a decent reason for just walking in, it would be rather amusing (in a clichéd sort of way) if he intended to cause damage to our house or family, so I went to investigate. For some reason, I found myself *downstairs* after that, standing in the front hallway. Now, if, from where I am right now, you were to talk to the other end of the living room, turn to the right, and walk into the front hallway, you would see two posts from the stairs ahead of you. One on the left, which is quite close to the ground because the stairs start right next to it, and the other one next to the wall over on the right, much higher up, because there are seven steps between it and the first one. In the dream, quite close to the ceiling on the post that's higher up were numbers. Of course, I've been playing far too much StepMania lately, so the first thing I did was made a motion like I was pressing down twice to change the song difficulty, and the number changed, from 16 to 22. After a couple more attempts to get it to go higher or lower, I set it back to 16, and walked towards the stairs. I rounded the corner just in time to see the kid scratching a hole in the second step after the landing, which he quickly stopped after I asked "What are you doing?" He somehow jumped down the stairs past me, and ran out of the house with me chasing him, yelling something like "This isn't over!", and I yelled "Don't come back here again!" back at him.

After that, I went back into the house to check what he had been doing, and found a compass of the variety you'd find in those school math kits (with the protractor and half-sized pencil and such), which it appeared he had been carving / scratching a hole in the step with. Also off to the side there was a small bag of red plastic-y dough sort of stuff labeled (even more clichéd) "explosive". At that point I started getting all serious, and hollered for Naomi who was in the TV room to grab me a pair of tweezers and a small plastic bag for the compass, because the kid had obviously left fingerprints on them, and the police station is only ~5 minutes from our house. She brought a pair to me, and from there all I can remember is misplacing them, finding them a couple steps lower from where they'd been set down, then I woke up, and frankly, I've been since, because those kinds of dreams are not conductive to having a good sleep :x

Yesh. "Weird" doesn't do very many of them justice, but it's the best I can come up with at this point.

Towards the work thing in the first dream, I *do* have to start at 8 tonight, which is going to be interesting, in all the wrong ways. For one, Ange is *supposed* to close, although Manoah is pretty sure she'll call in. She was there yesterday night, and as expected, the first thing she asked was if I could start working right away because it was busy. I said no, because I figured if I had agreed, she would've left just as soon as I clocked in, which would've been half an hour early or so. I ended up being on drive through last night though, and ended up having to do *all* of the dishes (minus a couple nacho pans), which is pretty much normal these days, and also had almost quite had it with Steve and Manoah, for several reasons.

One, 9:00 is *way* too early to be taking cold line down, and the same thing goes for doing hot at midnight. Two, don't complain about something if you're not willing to fix it. One of the things somebody ordered last night was a volcano taco with nacho cheese instead of lava sauce. Maybe we're supposed to charge them, but Manoah didn't say a word when I told him they wanted it like that, at least until Steve came back in and started going on about it. Eventually, just before they pulled up to the window, I turned to him (Manoah), and asked "So do one of you want to come down here and fix it before I cash it out?" Apparently not, because I simply got accused of cracking attitude. Three is simply the amount of breaks they took throughout the night. While I realize dishes are my responsibility when I'm on drive through, if it takes me almost an hour to finish the rest up after we've closed, there's no reason you couldn't help. Hell, I think Eryn was actually *supposed* to be closing the dining room then doing dishes / cleaning up the back and middle, but while she did the dining room, she just sort of hung around line for the rest of the night.

As for other things, Mom and Dad are gone off somewhere yet again this weekend, but my biggest concern is finding something for supper, and I may just end up having a couple plums that are in the fridge. Oh, and for that whole "What I'm doing within the coming weeks thing", I've figured out the following (starting on Sunday, since that's the beginning of the week from my point of view):

[Sunday] Work 8 - close
[Monday] Same as above
[Tuesday] Go to Money Mart and get one of those cards for MFF
[Wednesday] Go to Heart and Stroke, then work from 8 - close
[Thursday] Get our Hair cut, then work the exact same shift as stated three times already
[Friday] Go to the bank, then Underground Tattoos, then Shoppers, then work (I told Manoah I'd stop by for a bit)
[Saturday] Not sure. Deoge, Noir, and I may end up doing something though, since we're all going to be here
[Monday the 13th] Thanksgiving
[Sunday the 19th] Go to London
[Tuesday the 21st] Come home again

At least that I can think of at the moment.

For now though, I was given somebody's AIM name earlier this morning (one of our roommates for MFF), so I need to create an account for that, then decide if I want to create a new email address for my MSN (the reasoning behind it is too complicated and long to explain right now), but first I need to figure out why Pidgin has turned completely black, but maybe a reboot will fix that because I just installed the task switcher replacement, and I know the preview thing is sort of screwed up too. Yay~

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