Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Is Annoying Already

As I said yesterday, I was given somebody's AIM name so I could say hi to them, so one of the things I did before I left for work was created an account, so I did that, went upstairs to grab my uniform or something, came back down, and found that Pidgin had screwed up and turned all black again. It's something to do with any ALT-Tab replacement thing I download and install though, so for now, I've gone back to the default one, even though there's no little box around whatever program you're currently tabbed to, because this visual style I'm using blanked it out or something. So I restarted it, and upon being logged back in, was both greeted by a "moo" from Keilian, and several contacts having already been added to my AIM list. No, no, and once again, no. Then once I got home from work, I found that one more had been added, *and* after going downstairs to restart the modem, was sent a message saying that I was logged into two locations at once, and to respond to said message with a "1" if I wanted those other sessions to be logged out. Nothing happened when I did, but there really should be a way to disable it. Sure, it's nice for somebody that does care about knowing where they're logged in, and actually likes having entries added to their contact list without their knowing consent (by that I mean it's probably in the user agreement / license somewhere, but I can't even remember if I had to check a "Yes, I agree to these terms" box or not, and I very much doubt reading through it (if there is one) is very high on a majority of other users' lists.

As for something good though, there were a couple odd and amusing things that happened on the way home yesterday night. First of all, when they left, Manoah and Cindy were going over to her place to smoke, and she lives just down the street from Taco Bell, so I walked with them for a bit. Right down at the end of the drive through, they both found an unopened package of smokes each. Well, Manoah noticed them first, but thought the other package was empty, but Cindy noticed it still had the plastic wrap around it. Then, further down the street at the intersection near the police station, I passed by a small plastic container on the ground that I glanced down at, because I thought it odd for something like that to just be in the middle of the street. What would I see, but change. So I picked it up, and glanced around a bit more, found another two dollars off to the side, as well as a penny and some other change I probably didn't notice. Only about $4 in all, but still quite weird.

As for other things, work yesterday night was fairly busy, but we had most everything (aside from the dishes) caught up by 9, so yay ^^ Oh, and there's a new good tasty not-on-the-menu thing to eat there now that I "discovered". Either fry a fresh pie (assuming you have the patience to wait eight minutes), or grab one out of the cabinet and put it back in the fryer for about 30 seconds. While it's in there, grab a side-of cup and fill it about halfway with twist sugar, then bring the pie up, put it on some sort of tray (unless you want to make a mess for yourself to clean up afterwards), sprinkle the sugar on one side, wait for a few seconds, turn it over, sprinkle more on the other side, wait for it to cool down a bit, and eat it. Yay for overcomplicated directions before anything, but otherwise, it actually tastes like apple pie. Oh, and they're also freaking out about the food costs and such again, so my newest thing to eat if I'm hungry there is rice, cheese, and lava sauce or sour cream. Not only do they not care about the rice, but the tort could be one of them that gets dropped on the floor or ripped by accident, the cheese could be written off as having been thrown out when we cleaned bertha, and the sauce can be compensated for simply by saying "Not everybody scrapes the very last drop out of the bag".

As well though, I now have one more place to go on Friday (Sobeys) to buy some saran wrap, unless Deoge thinks my other idea would work (and ultimately I'll probably end up asking when I'm actually there), because before I go to bed, I will apparently have to rub Curel on my back, then wrap my entire upper body in saran wrap, and I very much doubt Mom and Dad would be pleased with me using all of the stuff we have down here for that :s

Anyways, that's about all I had to say for now, and I still want to play Kirby Superstar Ultra some more before I leave for work (not for another couple hours, really), so yeah. Oh, and aside from this last bit here, there is a pattern up there. It's up to you to find what it is, and there's really no reward for finding it, but yesh. I find the strangest things amusing ^^;

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