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Several Things that are on my Mind

I don't know why I deserve this. I just arrived at Heart and Stroke, as it's raining outside, so I needed to wake my Mom up so she could give me a ride here. Michele (the Area Administrator) is out, to get some lunch, I assume, and Janice (the Area Manager) just went home to change into some more appropriate clothes, as they're going out to Wallaceburg this afternoon. They're getting a group of kids from some school or another to walk down various streets with them, hanging slips of paper on doorknobs. The kids will get several hours towards their 40 they need to complete in order to graduate, and Michele and Janice simply get to make sure the kids do what they're required to, instead of running off. I actually think Barb (not sure what her position here is) might be heading out with them as well, as the slips of paper advertise the door to door / P2P campaign, and she's in charge of that this year.

Either way, I know I'm stuck back here for most of the day, where it's very quiet. The two other volunteers that are in today are up front, and I'm all alone. Right now, I'm supposed to be entering a bunch of information having to do with brides and grooms of weddings that are taking place sometime in 2006 into a database. There are 11 fields, but they don't all fit on the screen at the same time. This monitor can only go up to 800x600 resolution, so scrolling back and forth is going to get quite tedious pretty quickly. I asked Michele if she wanted a form made up, as I figure that then all the fields would be visible without scrolling, but she said no. It's extremely easy to make the form, then delete it before I tell her it's finished, but given the amount of data there is to enter, it'd be rather pointless to do so. However, given that I'm the only one back here, I'm in a prime position for being able to download whatever I want. There's a catch though, as usual. This computer isn't the best in the office. In fact, if it wasn't for one of the computers up at the front, this one would be the worst. Although I have my external hard drive with me, I'm not hooking it up. I already ruined the first one I had, by trying to move a bunch of StepMania songs to the appropriate folder at home, and not letting that process finish before moving onto something else. I forget what the error that popped up before the computer froze was, but I know it said something about "Delayed Write". In short, I'd rather not risk ruining the one I have now.

Moving on, this is annoying. I have to work four days this weekend, yes? Each shift starts at 10 p.m. I'm starting to get a cold. Even if I'm not sick, staying up late causes me to start experiencing cold-like symptoms. I've already had to go to Taco Bell twice now to say "I won't be able to do that for because of such and such." I really don't want to have to do that again, because if I did, I'd risk losing the job. With luck, there'll be some medicine at home that I can take before heading to work each night, but still, it's going to be a long weekend. As for buying a PSP, I'm pretty much set on getting it within the next two days. I need to call EB Games sometime this afternoon to ask what games come with the offer they have. I know you get a PSP (obviously), and a gigabyte memory stick. Well, I just called them, and apparently a UMD movie comes with that deal as well, but I'd rather get a game than a movie. They're supposed to be getting The Legend of Heroes: Tears of Vermillion on Thursday, which is when I had originally planned to get a PSP, so I suppose I can wait. It'll work out nicely as well. Thursday is the day we go grocery shopping, and the store we buy groceries from is pretty close to EB Games. I just want to get it before December, as then I'll be able to include games for it in my Christmas list.

I've got one more thing to rant about, as it's nearly 5:00. Last night, I got a call from Josh. He wanted me to go to his house for the night, and also told me that his bike had been stolen while he was working. He suggested I bike over to his house so we could go find a new bike for him together, so I did so. First off, we went to Canadian Tire. They had a decent selection of bikes, but most of them were extremely expensive. One was $700. After realizing that there wasn't much there in the price range he was looking for, he grabbed a lock, and went up to pay for it. We walked down to Zellers after that, as they have bikes as well. Let's just say their selection was laughable, compared to Canadian Tire's. Problem is, most bikes they had were too small, or designed for women as opposed to men. He finally settled on one he liked, and that wasn't too expensive either. It was less than $150, just for the record. He went up to pay for that, and asked the cashier if there was a possibility of getting the tires pumped up, as they were flat. The cashier said no, which was pretty odd, because the person that took the bike down off the rack said that they would be able to fill the tires up for him. Anyways, we went back to his house after that, so he could pump his tires up and raise the seat. As things turned out there, he had me pack up his Xbox and related stuff, since he was going to come to our house for the night. Unfortunately, he sat down at his computer for a couple minutes. Not a lot of time, but enough that he got an instant message from another friend of ours, wanting us to go to his house for a couple hours. After arriving at his house, we unpacked the Xbox and started playing some football game. Just as a side note here, despite the fact that I kept picking the same plays and such, I was beating Josh when he turned the Xbox off midgame :D Amazing when you consider that it's his game, and thus he should be better at it than me, since he gets more time to play it. About the time that he turned it off, Joe told us that a friend of his was coming over for a bit, bringing snacks. I found it rather sad that his idea of snacks was two bags of chips and half a case of some sort of beer. I don't drink, so the four of us were sitting around the TV, while the three of them drank and ate chips for some time, then Josh said that he was thinking about spending the night there >_< Long story short, I left at 12:00, alone. I realize it's his choice and all, but it's frustrating to have him say that he's coming to our house, then decide to stay somewhere else. Oh well. I was pretty tired when I got home, and even if he had stayed the night, I'd have just played StepMania until I got tired enough to go to bed.

Speaking of StepMania, while Acmlm's Board is down, I might as well use this place to post good scores / ranks :P As of right now, I've got ~10 screenshots in the screenshots folder, some of which I took even though I'd already achieved the result in the picture. Here's what I can remember that I consider to be good:

::A on "M". That version of the song is found in the Keyboard Megapack. I'm not sure if there are other versions out there, but it can't hurt to mention.
::B on "Free & Easy (Gigabreak Remix). Steps by FoObY. The song is pretty hard (it's rated a 12), but the first minute or so is the most difficult part.
::B on "Never Gonna Come Back Down". I can't remember the step author's name, but I know it starts with a "K" and there's a picture of Roll in the small rotating banner.
::AAA on "Era (3x2 Mix)". Steps by Hiryuu. The song isn't too difficult, but it's not the easiest song in that group either.

Just in case I haven't mentioned it already, I play with the middle three fingers of my right hand. Sometimes my thumb and little finger come into play, but not too often. You can find a page of older (and more complete) results here, and a frames version of the same page here. I try to update that each Monday, but some weeks I may skip, if I don't have enough result pictures.

For now though, it's 4:56, so that's all for today. Until next time.

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