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This is Why You Read What You Type Carefully

The topic of discussion was whether I'd be able to get away with cutting holes in a garbage bag for my arms and legs, putting it on, and putting a shirt on over top of it, so, well, read and be amused~

(5:39:03 PM) Deoge: U will be suprized how much u bleed afterwards lol
(5:39:31 PM) Deoge: just stick with the saran wrap
(5:40:04 PM) karadur: Is the bleeding in any way related to the need for saran wrap? And then I presume I'll be better off wearing a shirt with the wrap as well then, just so it doesn't move around
(5:40:23 PM) karadur: (I am so glad it's getting colder outside now, because it'd suck to have to do that in the summer :s)
(5:40:39 PM) Deoge: lol
(5:40:51 PM) Deoge: and yea u saran wrap ur self then throw a shit on
(5:41:01 PM) karadur: Say again?
(5:41:13 PM) Deoge: and yea u saran wrap ur self then throw a shit on ^^
(5:41:19 PM) karadur: .... yesh X3
(5:41:27 PM) Deoge: LMAO
(5:41:31 PM) Deoge: not shit shirt
(5:41:32 PM) Deoge: lol
(5:41:32 PM) karadur: I think I'll skip that step ^^;
(5:41:52 PM) Deoge: wow I didnt even see that one

Also, caraway (seeds). I was talking to Noir earlier as well, and she's doing some sort of a project on them, so out of interest, I looked them up on that page there. They *look* like those little spicy seeds you find on pizza sometimes, but apparently they aren't, so my question now is, what seeds am I thinking of?

Yay for random updates~

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