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Why Do I Put Up With This?

"This" in this case, is the $10 I had set aside in my room for getting a haircut this Thursday having gone missing, presumably within the past day. It was there when I put that change I found on the way home in the containers on my dresser, but it wasn't there earlier this morning when I was looking at my dresser on a whole and thinking it was sort of sad, frustrating, and odd that even with a lock on my door, Naomi still had the nerve to take some things out of my room one of the previous times I had been away in London. Then I noticed "Hey, a bill that should've been in that container there has gone missing". I didn't pull out my dresser to look behind it, because that would've been too much work then, but I did get as good a look behind it as I was able to, and didn't see anything aside from dust and the power cord for my alarm clock.

Of course, I don't have any concrete proof or evidence that Naomi is the one who took it, but to rule everybody else out, Mom and Dad both have jobs, and would not steal my money in the first place. The same applies to Adam, and also, he's rarely ever upstairs or even at home when I need to open my door for something. Well, he is up there while he's sleeping, but that doesn't apply. As for me, I've been doing my best to spend little to no money for several weeks now, given how much I'll be spending this Friday. Hell, I might even tell Dad "You'll get your money for the internet and such next pay, because I do *not* want to be just up and going through $1,110 just like that". Putting off buying his Christmas present would probably be a better idea, but I don't want to wait on that for too much longer, because not only is the money order going to take some time to get *there*, but it will also take about the same amount of time for the item to get back to me.

Anyways, I have both of Naomi's MAC addresses in Notepad here, and I just told her if I don't get the money back by Thursday, she's losing her internet for that entire day. I should just get Mom, Dad, Adam, and Naomi together and say "Ten dollars has gone missing from my room. How, I don't know, because I have a lock on my door, but I want it back, because I can't afford to just say "Oh, meh, I don't care about it" right now. If I don't get it back by Thursday (just slip it under my door or something and I won't ask any questions), I'm disabling your computers from connecting to the internet for at least Thursday." Problem there is that Mom doesn't use the internet, or the computer downstairs to begin with, and also, it's unfair to whoever didn't take it.

As for other things to be irritable about, there is one. In just over two weeks, it will have been a full year since Chesh mentioned making ears for me. While I would *hope* they'll be sent out by then, her incredibly sparse replies are very, very aggravating. Then, for example, on August 31st she said they were done, but she hadn't had a chance to mail them. Skip ahead almost a month to the 29th of September, and I receive another email from her saying "Oh, they've just been sitting on my craft table because I don't have your address and I wanted to double check what color you wanted inside them so I can make sure I send the proper pair out to you." Number one, you *have* my address already. Way back when I bought that first tail from you, I paid for it with a money order, and made sure to give you my address in the same email that said "It's been sent out". Two, do you delete emails as soon as you read them or something? I know I can look back at the email where I told you I wanted white inside the ears, and since I'm able to do that, it's not unreasonable to expect you to be able to do the same as well. But whatever, I guess. If they're not here in time for Halloween, screw it, I can deal without having them then. If they're not here for the Toronto meet, I'll be sending her an email that says "Hey, the ears are on their way, right? I was hoping to have them this past weekend for a furmeet in Toronto, but I still haven't received them." Then, if they still aren't here for MFF, she will be getting something along the lines of what I was going to send Obliviousally at one point. "Well, MFF has come and gone, and while it would've been nice to have ears for the con, they didn't arrive in time, but thanks anyways."

Actually, there's one third thing I could be angry in here about too, but it's not so much anger as just not being pleased with the way something is going, and from somebody else's point of view, it'd be utterly petty and more or less insignificant.

I know there are other things I meant to write about (such as our shift yesterday night), but I'm in no state of mind to write about them now, so that's good enough.

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