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The Second Half Was Better

Finally got around to watching the rest of "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" just now, and for the sake of easiness, I'm just going to reiterate what the title of this entry says. The only annoying part was where Andy agrees to start selling his collectibles so he can have funds to start his own business. I'm not talking about the whole attachment to childhood objects thing (I had a stuffed seal once that I was thoroughly pissed at Dad for taking away when I was younger, but I have switched my sights to a much more... feline species ^^;), but rather the idea of "I'm going to suggest this even though I should've clued in that since you've had these things for so long, you probably won't part with them as easily as you're making it sound". Yes, as cheesy a saying as it is, love *is* all you need, but I'm rather inclined to believe the idea of just up and finding somebody that can replace whatever interest you had in the other thing(s) is fairly slim. Then again, it's just a movie, and I'm definitely thinking about it too much, but that was one of two things that bothered me in it. I quite enjoyed the song at the end though (there's something strangely pleasing about the lyrics), enough so that I found and downloaded it, but that much is obvious just by looking at the information up there.

Anyways, a list of other points of interest:

[1] I've been looking at the picture of my paws again, and there's no way they can be shoulder-length. Maybe they are, and I'm just really terrible at judging proportions, but they sure don't look like it. I could ask SPark right now and clear any confusion and worry up before I go to bed, but I already did that with my footpaws, and it was not fun, for all the reasons I went over back then. There's always a chance they are that long though, so I'll wait for them to get here, and if they are just up to my elbows, well... *sighs* I'll be sending them back to her hopefully soon after MFF. The only problem there is if more fur is being added to make them longer, the split between what was already there and what was added would be pretty easy to see. Then again, when she gave me the list of measurements I needed to obtain, one of them was "arm length from shoulder to wrist", so maybe... Also, an attempt was made to deliver that other tail I sent to her to be fixed, but a little "You have a package to be picked up" slip was left, according to the tracking page. I emailed her to make sure that she did have the slip, and the reply I got back said that she hadn't checked the mail all day, and that she supposed she'd be going to the post office "tomorrow". Good thing I have the day off, because as soon as I get word that she has the tail, the $6 for shipping back to me will be sent off~

[2] Either I completely missed seeing it earlier, or somebody has a key to my room, because when I got home tonight, the first thing I did was looked at my dresser, and there is a $10 bill exactly where it was before (I thought) it had gone missing. It's good too, because now I don't have to worry about withdrawing yet another $20 on Thursday and not having anything to do with the other ten (I'm at the point right now of not getting money from an ATM unless I'm going to use *all* of it right away), and also, I still need to ask Naomi if I can borrow the camera for Friday afternoon, and if she's mad at me about something else, the chances of getting that from her are extremely slim. I do expect I'll have to tell her *why* I want it, but she already knows of my idea, just not that I'm getting the first part of it done this Friday. None of them know, actually, aside from the little piece of paper in the kitchen that says I have plans for Friday and possibly Saturday afternoon, and the other periods of time I'll be away after that. Oh, and if you see this here, Deoge, I have a list of three questions (thus far) typed up in Notepad. If I brought them along then, would they be able to answer them for me, or should I just ask you like I've done for the rest?

[3] Unplanned third item. As mentioned up there, I finished watching the rest of another movie a couple hours ago, and got to thinking about which one I should download next. I seem to recall Kumakehu recommending "Juno" quite some time ago (it was either that or "Wall-E"), so I found a torrent for that, and just now had a message pop up in my system tray saying that it had finished downloading. Not even a half hour after it started ^^ Perhaps I'll go for that other one eventually too, but for now I have Mirrormask to watch first, then there's another one Keilian mentioned a couple days ago too that I can't remember the name of right now. Also: yay for names starting with "K" :3

[4] New PSPRevolution screenshots starting here. As per usual lately, it wasn't very busy after ~11 tonight, so Steve and I sat down in the dining room, and I decided to play that game. There are still some songs in it that I can't beat, but for the most part it's both frustrating and satisfying having to scroll past most of the songs in the Mungyodance 2 and 3 groups because they're too easy ^^; I've actually been thinking about buying another memory stick to put more songs on when my money situation levels out too, but if anything, I'll just delete some stuffs I don't need and hope that frees enough space for me to put another folder of music on it.

It's now 7 in the morning though, and despite having the day off "tomorrow", I'm going to go to bed~

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