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*Almost* A Standard Day / Afternoon

It would actually be pretty much normal if I hadn't received some things in the mail today. Mom's Christmas present, and my paws, tail, and arm warmers <3 The book has been tucked away into the box I have for all that Christmas-related stuff, and I've obviously tried both my paws and tail on already. Well, the tail isn't really *new*, per se, but new belt loops did get put on it, and the spine isn't exactly as I pictured it either. There's a plastic hoop on the end that's meant to be shoved down your pants, which in turn holds the tail away from your body at some sort of acute angle. I also got it to stand straight up against my back, but the problem there is you wouldn't be able to see the spots, but it may still be possible to turn it around, although if I did that, and tried to wear it normally, it'd be upside down ;_; I like it though, and my only concern is if I were to wear it to London in a couple weeks, would I be able to tuck it into the seat beside me, or actually have to remove it while I'm on the train. For what it's worth, the way I described it to her in the most recent email I sent, I was expecting something like a big thick pipe cleaner inside the tail, with which you could position it as desired, and that still may be possible with the spine that's in there now, but I've yet to try it.

As for the paws, they're rather snug, but I assume I'll either get used to that or they'll loosen up a bit once I've worn them around some. Not tonight, because it's much too warm out, but perhaps tomorrow if it's cooler, and I know Manoah works as well so he'll probably want to see them / try them on, but the latter won't be happening unless his arms are the exact same length and such as mine. And as for the arm warmers, I've still yet to take them out of the box, but I'll get around to that either before I leave for or once I get home from work~

Also though, I didn't get out there yesterday, but I went out to Money Mart before going to Heart and Stroke this afternoon, and quickly found that I needed my SIN to actually get one of the cards. I called Mom from Heart and Stroke though, and she brought that with her, so we went back over there, and the card is now tucked in behind my debit card in my PSP case ^^ From what the lady at Money Mart was saying, it probably wasn't the best idea to get it now, because I'm paying the $15 monthly fee for October when I don't have any money on it at all, but I'd rather just get it now instead of waiting until probably the 17th or 18th of November and heading out there then.

Oh, and random question for whoever was at the furmeet this past Monday: what's going on with the Secret Santa / Satan thing? I thought the drawing was being done that night, and I figured that since I wasn't actually there, somebody would contact me with my names, but it's been a couple days and nothing yet *shrug*

But for now, I need to tidy up these boxes and wrapping, and I only have about an hour before I have to leave for work, so anything else can wait until I get home~

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