Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Less than a Day to Go

Deoge IMed me yesterday afternoon asking if I was nervous yet, and really, I'm not. Nervousness would indicate that I have doubts about going through with it, or that I'm not even sure about going tomorrow in the first place. Anxious, yes, sort of, but not the other one. Anyways, because of that, my plans tonight when I get home from work are to probably talk with Keilian for a bit if he's online, then have a shower, specifically to wash my back, because although it shouldn't be too bad, I'd rather not take any chances. Although it's sort of amusing, because my method of washing my back is wrapping a facecloth around the toilet brush, and either lathering it up with soap or shampoo ^^; I can reach more or less all of my back fine, which is why I'm not too concerned about the rubbing-Curel-on-it thing, but actually having to scrub it is a different story.

After that though, Shoppers, then depending on what time it is, Taco Bell, then home for a bit, then Sobeys, and I'm not sure about after that. We're doing our Thanksgiving stuff on Sunday as well though (because I close on the 13th), so I have that to look forward to, well, too :3

As for right now, I'm just laying in bed typing this, because there's not much to do downstairs. Nothing really mentionable happened while getting our hair cut earlier, aside from the cat being really friendly with me~ It's going to be nice going in to work tonight and not having to worry about shoving all my hair back underneath my hat though. While it'd be interesting to see what I look like with long hair (it'd definitely have to be white though - not brown), I can't say I'd enjoy the having to wear a hairnet at work part of it, so meh. For now, anyways. I mostly just played PSPRevolution on the way there and while Mom was getting her hair cut though, and it's still pretty fun, but I'm at the point now where I can beat most of the songs I have on there without difficulty, and thus need harder ones. I could stand to work on my accuracy a bit, yes (I get way too many "Great"s in decent BPM 16th runs, but that's about the only complaint I have.

Closing tonight with Steve, James, and Joe, which I'm not entirely looking forward to. First of all, Manoah was *supposed* to close tonight, but he and Joe switched shifts yesterday. I'm also slightly miffed for another reason towards that, being that I was going to wear my paws in tonight so he could see them, but there's not much point if he won't even be there. I probably will tomorrow though, provided it's not too warm, but we'll see. As for the rest of my shifts after tonight, I work on Monday and Tuesday, have Wednesday off, work Thursday through Saturday, and then am off to London on Sunday, and that's more or less good enough. I wish we would get paid between now and the 19th, because I just withdrew $220 today, and plan on going through another ~$900 tomorrow, but meh again. If it puts me down below $7,000, I may just end up starting to put money into my savings earlier than expected.

Writing that previous paragraph reminded me that I still have to buy Dad's present though (the online part of it), so I might as well go see about doing that~

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