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That's More than Enough for Tonight

First of all (because it's the main thing of interest), pictures can be seen here. I'm not quite finished with adding titles and short descriptions to all of them, but I'll get to the rest after I've gone to bed.

Otherwise, main things from today are as follows:

[1] I'm definitely putting about $5,000 in my savings account tomorrow provided I can get to the bank while it's open. First of all, I spent close to $600 on that money order (your post is all too true, Cola), plus another $500 withdrawl from the ATM, of which I have $2.30 left now. The tattoo ended up being $480, thanks in part to it having gone past when they were supposed to be closed, then the rest went towards Curel and Purell from Shoppers, and I spent ~$5 on some food at Taco Bell too.

[2] Getting tattooed doesn't hurt quite as much as I thought it would. Deoge was having me think I'd absolutely *have* to have numbing cream applied for my spine, but no. Honestly, the worst part was filling in the spots because it literally felt like the needle(s) were grinding / rubbing against bone :x For the most part I just kept myself busy with listening to music and playing PSPRevolution though, so meh. There will also be a movie uploaded sooner or later, but I have no will at the moment to create a Youtube account for myself, thus I'll be sending it to Noir and she'll be uploading it with her account, but first I need to find somewhere I can upload it.

[3] Troubling thing at work. Apparently we're supposed to be getting new uniforms eventually (or so I overheard), possibly involving (bow)ties :x I dearly hope not, but we'll have to see how things go in the coming weeks / months *shrug*

Anyways, that'll be enough for now, because I need to see about wrapping myself in plastic wrap, then I want to at least stay awake until this movie is done uploading so I can set a pounce for Noir to say "Here it is, so just send me the Youtube link back. Thanks". Yesh~

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