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More Disappointment (Dreams this Time)

What to get for supper... hmm. I was just up at the bank about 20 minutes ago, where I withdrew $80 from my account. Mom got $40 of it for gas money, which left me with the other half, as well as the $10 I still have tucked away upstairs. I didn't bother depositing that $500, because I figure what I said about getting a Wii in my previous entry might have been a bit hasty. I still plan on calling them at the beginning of every week (Monday or Tuesday, probably), and logic dictates that they'll eventually have one available, and as I've said before, I'd rather have the money ready when I need it, rather than having to go to the bank to get it first. This is really a fine example of why I should get a debit card, but I don't want one of those 'till we get our money from Grandpa. As for keeping it out of reach of Naomi, I've still got my little box with a lock on it, which should work quite nicely. The place I've got my money hidden in right now works fine enough, and she hasn't found it yet, but I'd rather not take my chances.

Anyways, I had another rather depressing dream while I was sleeping earlier. We were still up at EB Games, waiting for them to open, when I noticed that Wal-Mart was open, so I suggested we run by there so I could check out what they had. No sooner than Dad started up the van though, did I glance behind me and notice that EB Games was in fact open, so I quickly jumped out, and ran to the door, where some guy was unlocking it. I said something about "So you guys are open at 7". He said yes, then I asked him "Please tell me you have Wiis", to which he said yes as well, so I rushed into the store, where a bunch of other people were at the counter. I told the guy behind it that I wanted a Wii, then pulled the envelope of money out of my pocket, and looked up to see him grabbing something off the shelf that looked like a cross between an SNES, and a game for it. Then he took that over to the door to the back room, and I woke up in excitement, which faded drastically to a feeling of overwhelming sadness after I realized it was only a dream.

Why do all the good things have to happen in dreams? Reminds me of one I had back when I was still a kid. We were watching America's Funniest Home Videos on TV (the old one with Bob Saget), and for whatever reason, he was handing chocolate out through the TV :p I rushed out of my room, into the TV room because I really wanted to get some, grabbed it, went to bite into it, and woke up. Yeah.

I think that's about all I have to say for now though.

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