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Starting a Bit Differently this Time

Simply because I can't think of where else to begin, and yet I don't have much else to do right now so I figure I might as well write an entry in here.

Anyways, the writer's block question for right now is "In the past they promised us jetpacks for the future. We're still waiting. What is your ideal mode of transportation? Has it been invented yet?" My answer will be split into two parts.

[1] I have two ideal methods of transportation that exist right now. Walking, and taking the train. The latter simply because it gets me up to London for the furmeets, and walking because it doesn't cost anything (unless you wish to bring a bottle of water along on a long walk), and is an effective way to stay in shape. Also, in this city, I can walk pretty much anywhere I need to go. I know it takes me am hour and a half to walk about ten miles, and that can be scaled down with relative ease to determine how long it will take me to get to various places that aren't that far away.

[2] Originally I was going to be fussy about the second question, because it's sort of hard to prefer a certain mode of transportation if it hasn't been invented yet, but that's where it being *ideal* comes in, so I really can't be. My ideal way of getting from place to place would have to e some... thing that can get me there as fast or as slow as I please. For example, if I'm in a rush, I'd be able to get there literally in the blink of an eye, but if I want to take my time and enjoy the scenery or whatever, I'd be able to do that too. Going from place to place with no delay whatsoever would be cool, sure, but eventually you'd get tired of the instantaneous-ness. Until, of course, you'd be able to get used to using the extra time you have from not having to, say, drive wherever you have to go, to do the things you'd normally do while on the way to your destination.

Jetpacks would be cool too, but I could be sure I read something a while back about some guy having made one himself. This is the internet though, so anything is possible *shrug*

So anyways, day two of having a tattoo and I've enlisted Naomi's help several times for rubbing Curel on it. She thinks it's cool too, and I definitely have to agree ^^; Both Adam and Dad have seen it as well (I got Dad to help me earlier, so I know Mom will be asking to see it tomorrow afternoon), but Adam simply asked if it hurt, and Dad started rubbing the sanitizer on it before I stopped him and explicitly stated what he had to do. It stung for a bit after that, but now the only pain left is the sort you'd feel when you have a bruise, and I do believe that's to be expected. Oh, and those pictures have all been updated, so I refer you to this link once again if you'd like to see them. Do note that there are quite a few I couldn't think of titles or descriptions for, but you'll know what I mean when you see them~

Otherwise, I went to both Tim Hortons and 7-11 earlier with my paws and tail, and as a result, got a weird look at Tim Hortons and was asked by some random customer at 7-11 if it was a college thing. He didn't seem to believe me when I said it was just something I was into, but oh well. It's the truth, so beyond that, whoever I'm telling is free to take it as they wish. I have been noticing one thing with my paws though, which is that my fingers don't go all the way to the end of the fingers on the paws. There's a bit of padding at the end to which the claw and "finger pad" is attached, and because of it, I don't have quite as much control with them as I'd wish.

Watched "Juno" earlier as well, and it was alright, but mostly just "Meh". It had a nice, happy ending, sure, but that's about the only thing I actually liked about it. Yesterday night I watched "Supersize Me", which was rather informative and enlightening, but I was also distracted with other things during it, so I may watch it again whenever my next day off after tomorrow is.

Anyways, I'm getting quite tired now (enough so that I'm stopping quite frequently to close my eyes or stare past the screen in a daze), so I just need to grab a clean blanket, rub Curel on my back once more, and I'm going to bed. Yesh~


A lot of life happens in the journey and what we find along the way. Going instantly from one place to the next, you'd find yourself restricted to fewer and fewer places, like if you had everything you need in the house and never needed to leave. See, you'd just want to get out and explore without any particular destination.

Way to go showing your furry pride around town. That's awesome. :) Would be nice to see more furries doing that.
*nods* yeah, I realize that, but I'm more thinking in terms of work and such. If there's some night where I want to stay at home past whenever I'd normally leave, I can, and not have to worry about being late for my shift.

More or less having something that can get me wherever I need to go in the blink of an eye, but only if I absolutely need it. Otherwise, there was some exoskeleton thing I saw online a while back that artificially increased your strength by a certain percentage, and it'd be quite awesome to have something like that if it could assist you in getting from place to place instead of lifting heavy objects <3

And as for the furry thing, I'm not really sure it's showing of furry pride if nobody else knows what furries are, but thanks anyways ^^