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Good Thing I Go Back to Work Tomorrow

I am starting to get bored just sitting around here. Now yes, if you want to be technical, I did go out to Tim Hortons tonight, and I did yesterday as well, but what I'm getting tired of is how with nothing specific to do, everything just seems to blend together and I end up feeling like I've completely wasted my day :s Anyways, I have a couple things of interest to start off with tonight.

[1] Before I went out to Tim Hortons earlier, I sent Chesh one last email containing my name and address, as well as the color I wanted inside the ears, explaining that I didn't want to have to keep needlessly sending her messages like "*pokes*", so I was going to archive it and wait for her reply. What did I receive about half an hour after laying down in bed and chatting with Keilian? An email from her. She says they'll be going out this Tuesday, followed by what I presume is an explanation of the delay, but I don't want to read it because I know I came across as impatient, and I hate reading things that I think might be written in anger.

On another related-to-fursuiting note though, I finally tried on those arm warmers I got from SPark, and they are, unsurprisingly, not what I pictured when I described them. I asked for the top half to be snow leopard fur (the pre-patterned stuff), and the bottom made out of short white fur, with the same short white fur *on the inside* as well. What did she make? Picture a rectangle laying flat horizontally, sliced straight up and down the middle. Half is snow leopard fur, the other half is the short white fur. What I pictured was, with the same rectangle description, viewing it from the side, with it cut to the left and right in the middle. Half of that would be one type of fur, and the second half would be the other stuff. I figured "They look sort of cool anyways, so meh". Unfortunately, there's one other problem with them. Fur inside? No. She did cut thumb holes, but the backing of the fur is really, really scratchy and irritating when it's still not actually cold out.

It actually makes me wonder what a full suit would be like. Would you have to deal with that scratchy feeling all the time, or could you ask for / attach some other sort of fabric to it so as to not irritate your arms, legs, and the rest of your body? Sort of discouraging to think about the one possibility...

[2] Noir was finally able to download that movie she recorded the other afternoon, so, well

There are a couple things to keep in mind though. First of all, I see the empty space below the movie in that cut, and I've tried everything I could think of to get rid of it, but for the time being I've opened a support request, so hopefully somebody that sees it will be able to help. Secondly, the music in the movie was in PSPRevolution. Specifically "Captial Murder", and "Children of the Night". Yes, I had my headphones on, and you can still clearly hear the music playing, but that's because they weren't plugged in and I didn't bother to remove them from my ears ^^; Also, the buzzing of the gun / needle is almost extremely annoying. Enough so that until I put some music on when I was trying to go to sleep on Saturday morning, I could actually *hear and feel* it on one specific section of my back. It was really weird, but putting on music gave me something else to concentrate on, and it faded away~

[3] Other things. My original plans for work were to put saran wrap on my tattoo before I left, but there is no way in hell I'm going to do that now. The whole idea of that is to keep it tight, but that's really restrictive, and I will not be able to do what's required of me there with it on. Thus, I'm thinking right now about rubbing Curel on it before I leave, followed by wearing a tight-fitting shirt over it, then having my uniform shirt on top of that. If it starts feeling dry while I'm there, well, we already have the Purell sanitizer, and I can easily bring the Curel in with me. Steve and James are the only other closers tomorrow night, but I'm sure one of them would be able to help me, in exchange for being told why I wanted to get it~

Turkey today was good too, although it's not the same when it's just our family around the table. There's something special about having company and eating in the living room <3 I was originally going to make a list of stuff I'm thankful for as well, seeing as it is Thanksgiving, but this is getting long enough, and I can't really think of a whole lot at the moment :s The main thing though would simply be friends. Is it a clichéd thing to say? Probably, but I mean it. I would quite literally not be where I am at this moment if it weren't for my friends. Josh was the one who originally got me to apply at Taco Bell, and if I hadn't gotten a job there I wouldn't be up at this time in the morning, and if I hadn't made friends with and started talking to some furs online about various things (you know who you are), well, I really don't know where I'd be right now. There are a couple bad parts of it too, but at the moment the only one is that I'm still waiting to see if Keilian is going to come back online, but given that he's been idle for forty minutes, it's quite likely he's gone to bed *shrug*

Before I start getting too sappy though, it's already 5:30, so I'm going to rub Curel on my back one more time, do at least one more puzzle on Pic Pic, then go to sleep. Then wake up in the morning and be amazed at how much of the turkey Adam ate overnight, but he does every Thanksgiving :s But yeah. That's it for now~

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