Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

So Very, Very Itchy

Can I scratch it though? No. I have to slap my back, lest I remove ink along with the scabs / dead skin. Things seem to be going exactly as they should be in regards to that though, so the only other thing left to do is go to Underground Tattoos again on the way to work tonight to put $100 or so on my next appointment, and I should be done aside from the normal stuff. At this point though, I'm pretty much into a pattern of rubbing the Curel on my back every two hours, aside from when I'm asleep, for which I rub it on just before I go to bed, as well as whenever I wake up to go to the bathroom, then once when I get out of bed later in the afternoon as well. Seems to work well enough~

So... there's nothing much to note about yesterday, as you may have already guessed. I was debating buying one of the leopard-spotted pillows they have out on display to go with the sheets I bought last time we were there, but for now, no. Mainly because my money is going towards other things right now, and also, the pillows are about half the size of regular ones. They'd be nice if you just wanted something to rest your head against if you were sitting in a chair, but not so much for in bed.

Work last night went remarkably well though, aside from getting a bit fussy with Manoah about a couple things. The only one I can remember now is using the Bunn water pitcher to clean the grill. You might ask "What's the problem?", but consider that said pitcher is normally used to measure water to make rice, chili, beans, and such, and you'll see what I'm getting at. Otherwise, it was not busy, and once again the supper staff left quite a pile of dishes to be washed, but I do enjoy the feeling of finishing off the last tray and being able to say to myself "I just washed all of those dishes", so meh.

As for tonight, Ange called about half an hour ago wanting me to come in straight away, and I told her no, which led to name calling and general unpleasantness on her part. I really don't expect her to be there later, but if she is, I may ask what the problem was, so we'll see then.

Otherwise, that'll be it. I don't plan on leaving for another 50 minutes (I don't start 'till 9 tonight), but I'll find something to do with my time~

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