Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

There Go My Plans for Tonight

I was hoping to be done right at 3 so I could come home and get things ready to go for tomorrow. It seemed like a reasonable request too, because I was scheduled to be done then yesterday night, and stayed 'till close because line was a mess and between the two of them Manoah and Eryn do less work on drive through and dishes than, say, George does in a given night. However, he (Manoah) gave his shift tonight to Eryn, meaning that it's her, Steve, James, and me. James is actually supposed to be done at 3, but hopefully he agrees to stay, and if not, Eryn had better be on drive through. I suppose it's not a huge loss though, because I've already tidied up my room and typed up a list of stuff need to pack tomorrow, so all that's really left is tossing my clothes in the washing machine when I get home, then putting them in the dryer either before I go to sleep or right when I wake up.

One thing caught my eye while I was cleaning though. As I've mentioned in here several times, I have two small containers on my dresser. One has a whole bunch of change consisting of pennies, nickels, and dimes, and the other, up to having noticed it earlier, contained quarters, loonies, and toonies. Now, however, there are just a bunch of quarters and one single loonie from work left. Yesh. It's... not that I care about the money (whoever took it got away with ~$10 at most), but I have a lock on my door, and I would like to know who the hell is still managing to steal my money despite that. Also, I never quite made it to Underground Tattoos last night, but I stopped by the ATM on the way home and withdrew $200 which I was originally going to put entirely towards my next appointment, but now I'm thinking about just giving them $100, asking how much they expect the rest to be, and using $60 of the remaining hundred for stuff in London in the coming days. I probably won't spend that much, I know, but I'd rather bring too much and eventually spend the rest on other things back at home (I still need a new pair of work shoes...) than not have enough.

Otherwise, there isn't a whole lot to note. I woke up earlier this morning at 7 and thought it was going to be a really rainy day outside because it was still so dark out, then again at ~1:30 thinking it had snowed because all I could see outside was white, but that was because the sun was so bright ;_; Work last night was busy and annoying (we ended up making $5,000 when they expected us to only do 4), and as mentioned up there, Eryn is starting to become Jess / Ange / Teresa. My back is covered in a whole bunch of tiny black spots which Naomi was trying to rub off earlier, but I told her not to, although given the tattoo is at that stage already, it should be ready to go for the 29th. The only thing I'm going to do different next time though will be wearing a garbage bag to bed the first night. Saran wrap would work better, yes, but as I already told Deoge yesterday, I cannot stand the feeling of having that stuff wrapped around my body for any great length of time.

Anyways, it's only 6:03, which gives me another 27 minutes to go before I have to leave for work, but I might as well get my stuff ready to go now, because I don't want to have that hanging over my head for the next three days. Oh, and I could poke SPark about that other tail she's fixing for me too, but I'll probably just do that before I leave tomorrow afternoon. Meh~

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