Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Interesting (and yet Slightly Disturbing) Thought

As per usual I'm on the train right now, sitting in the seats designated for parties of three or four despite being the only one. The guy that checked my ticket didn't seem to care though, and I figure it'd become a problem when they pick up passengers in London, becaue I know there's always a large line of them waiting, but that's where I get off, so meh~

Anyways, the thought: the one thing he did ask me is if I knew what to do with the windows in case of an emergency, and I think I do (use the little hammer thing to crack / break the glass, then push the rest out of the way with a seat cushion). Thing is, you'd figure that through traveling on the train enough, you would eventually run into a situation where you would have to break the window. Thus I started wondering how long it would be for me :x Hopefully not, and now I'm going to set that thought aside, because it is sort of a weird thing to think about in the first place.

Where usual stuff is concerned, last night went quite well up until about midnight, from where it was busy all the way 'till close except for a couple five-minute breaks here and there. I'm also sort of screwed for knowing when I work next, because the new schedule has not gone up yet, but provided I remember, I'll call them on Tuesday night. Upon coming home from work though, I found a couple things waiting for me.

One was an email from Manoah (well, "from" in an indirect sense), about not being able to find me on some reunion.com site, but I sent him a reply back that said he would probably never be able to, and that he already had several ways of getting ahold of me. As for the other things, Deoge sent me both a message in MSN and an email. One week later, Mel finally got around to uploading the pictures of my tattoo, and I will upload them here eventually as well, but I like the ones Noir took more. My back looks less red in them :s On that note though, I gave them $100 towards my next appointment yesterday night as well, and apparently getting the sides done is going to be about the same price as the middle was, so that's good, and otherwise it's just a matter of waiting for now~

But yeah. In the past couple days I started playing through Kirby's Adventure, MC Kids, and Star Tropics on my PSP again, and it's sort of funny how much more we got out of our games as kids. Before I go any further, I will say that it's likely due to not getting new games very often, meaning that we played through the ones we had several times over in order to, well, figuratively squeeze every last drop out of them. I mean, there's one part in the tunnel I'm in on Star Tropics right now that's all dark, where you're meant to find a lamp to light the screen up, but we (meaning Adam and I) could do it without. There's nothing much to note about MC Kids, but I used to have dreams about Kirby too. Well, dreams where the backdrop / setting was from the areas with those enemies you can get the "Light" power from. All purple and white and blue, etc.

I'm going to go back to those now though, because I don't particularly feel like pulling out my headphones to play StepMania this time. Also, I do believe the train may not be stopping halfway there as before, but we shall see~

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