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[obligatory "curiosity killed the cat" title]

"Killed" is too harsh a word, but there aren't any other single words that fit well in there. The reason for it is something that came up when Manoah and I were talking earlier. Nothing that hasn't been brought up before, how it came into conversation this time is the interesting part.

(3:46:08 AM) Manoah: hmmm as for me everyone's already talked about me...lol so i don't care when thier talking about me thier given someone else a rest...lol although i have wondered.....what do ppl say about me....?
(3:46:19 AM) karadur: I mean, yes, I agree that he can be lazy, but that applies to much of the other staff too
(3:46:25 AM) karadur: Well, let me think
(3:47:26 AM) karadur: I honestly can't think of anything right now
(3:47:33 AM) Manoah: lol
(3:47:59 AM) karadur: *I* have wanted to say something the past couple shifts we've worked, but that'd be more directed to Steve anyways
(3:48:02 AM) Manoah: nothing...really?
(3:48:14 AM) Manoah: oh ok....
(3:48:23 AM) karadur: No, nothing :s
(3:48:54 AM) Manoah: well i know they do any way...i can "feel" it...lol
(3:49:22 AM) karadur: Aside from random comments from whoever's on drive through if somebody happens to be sitting out in the dining room while there's other work to be done
(3:49:36 AM) karadur: But they'd be directed at whoever's out there too
(3:49:45 AM) Manoah: right
(3:51:47 AM) karadur: What about me though? Like I said, I figure there'd be comments about my fursuiting items, but I figure there'd be other things
(3:52:01 AM) karadur: (I <3 being redundant)
(3:52:30 AM) Manoah: other things...like? just the fur stuff i've heard
(3:52:48 AM) karadur: I mean other stuff aside from that. I get enough of it outside of work too X3
(3:53:16 AM) Manoah: oh you mean like you sexual orientation?
(3:53:22 AM) karadur: Hmm?
(3:53:53 AM) karadur: o_O would better describe my attitude, but I've never used it up 'till this point
(3:54:18 AM) karadur: Well for that matter, *who*
(3:54:33 AM) karadur: I can't see confronting them about it, but I'd like to know
(3:54:45 AM) Manoah: oh...just some kids
(3:54:56 AM) karadur: (especially for rumors of that variety)
(3:55:00 AM) karadur: Kids that work there?
(3:55:21 AM) Manoah: ya....and there is no rumors...believe me i'd know
(3:56:37 AM) karadur: Right. There's actually someone (or more than just one) there saying that I am, well *coughs* "different"?
(3:56:57 AM) karadur: Sheila would be my first guess, to be honest X3
(3:57:09 AM) karadur: And I'm rather amused by this, just to clear it up
(3:57:15 AM) Manoah: by different...do you mean gay?/ bi?
(3:57:49 AM) karadur: Different as in deviating from the norm. I'm sure you can figure out what that means
(3:58:11 AM) Manoah: well not really lol thats why i asked...lol
(3:58:40 AM) Manoah: but no no one said that....i've just heard them make lil comments
(3:58:59 AM) karadur: Forget my previous question then. To the best of your memory, what exactly was being said?
(3:59:13 AM) karadur: (I have something to write about in my next LJ entry now ^^;)
(3:59:45 AM) Manoah: lol i can't remeber that far...it was a long time ago...when you first starting weraing the tail...
(4:00:29 AM) Manoah: hold on between you and me....are you...you know.....? it's cool if you are...
(4:00:56 AM) Manoah: you can tell me....
(4:01:41 AM) karadur: *shrugs* yes, no, maybe, maybe not, etc.
(4:02:01 AM) Manoah: what the hell...?lol thats not an answer
(4:02:11 AM) karadur: It is to me ^^
(4:02:21 AM) Manoah: ok then
(4:02:39 AM) Manoah: well if you ever want to tell me....
(4:02:42 AM) Manoah: you can
(4:03:10 AM) karadur: Ooh, I have someone to confide in ^^;
(4:03:25 AM) karadur: Seriously though, I don't talk about that sort of stuff a whole lot
(4:03:42 AM) karadur: And I don't want to give a straight-up answer, because that'd seem suspicous ;_;
(4:03:59 AM) Manoah: oh ok thats fair
(4:04:17 AM) karadur: Or maybe I'm paranoid *shrugs* It's fun though <3
(4:04:41 AM) Manoah: haha de nile ain't just a river in egypt...lol

Chris comes to mind immediately, and he is closely followed by Chelsea. Why? Because as interested as they seem in my tails and such, they strike me as the types that would say those sorts of things about it when I'm not around. Otherwise, it's very interesting. Especially the whole "You can tell me" thing. Yes, I could, but if you don't know the answer, chances are I won't tell you, more or less for the sake of mystery.

But other than that, today hasn't exactly been uneventful, but it felt like it. Got to the apartment around 4:30, played with the kittens, did stuff on my laptop, and kept myself busy 'till ~9, then we ate, watched "The Rescuers Down Under" (the same movie I watched last time I was here, incidentally), chatted with Keilian, went out to Hasty Mart, then back to Deramin's place to watch the first episode of some show I can't remember now that's name started with an "f", came back to Cola and Madius's apartment, did more stuff on my laptop, talked to Manoah, and now I'm writing this, after which I'll be going to bed.

Tomorrow's going to be interesting, not only for meeting Keilian, but also because both Cola and Madius are going to be at work 'till about 9pm, and I'm not sure what they've decided to do with their spare key yet. I hope they leave it here, because I'd like to go out to either Wendys or KFC for lunch tomorrow, but I don't know what's going on yet.

Anyways, that'll have to do for now, because it's almost 6. I plan on playing some more Star Tropics before I go to sleep though, and I've just started into chapter 5, so maybe I'll have it finished by the time I get tired enough to call it a night. One way or the other, I'm going to post this now, because I can't think of any better way to end it. Yay~

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