Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Some Quick Random Stuffs

Cola just came out here to say that he has to take somebody else down somewhere near the train station at ~7:20, so for now I'm just waiting until then, even though my train doesn't leave until 9:26, because I don't want to make him have to drive all the way out there again :s I have a little bit of change left though, and there's a Tim Hortons right next to Via Rail, so I'll probably just go over there and grab something to eat on the way home.

Today has been, well, rather boring to be honest though. The alarm on Keilian's DS woke me up at 1, so I did stuff on my laptop for a bit, then he had to leave to catch his bus at 2, leaving Madius, T-Dawg, and I to drive out to the Masonville Mall, then he left to drive home, leaving the two of us to wander around looking at / for things. Had lunch there as well, and were found by both Strype and Nemet while we were eating, so they sat down with us, and we talked about things (apparently Strype has just bought a new TV). From there, we went across the street to some pet store that I can't remember the exact name of right now (I think it was Pet Mart) where Madius picked up a collar for his fursuit. After that, there was a bus ride to what I'm assuming is the downtown area where we walked around to various bars to see if they had any contests on Halloween, then back home, where I tidied some things up, packed most of my stuff away in my backpack, and now I'm writing this.

Yesterday night was alright as well. Not the best meet ever, given that there weren't a whole lot of us here for the first couple hours, and it was incredibly warm once more furs showed up. Thus I went to Wendys in the rain, and had to take my shirt off when I got back because it was all wet, and everybody got to see my tattoo ^^; Only problem with that was later on in the night, Cooper, T-Dawg and I went out to the Hasty Mart to pick up some Sprite, and while we were there she asked me why I got it, and I could not for the life of me remember my "Because it's something I'll always have with me" thing.

Anyways, yeah. I asked Manoah on Sunday night to check the schedule for me and let me know when I worked next (for it wasn't up on Saturday), but he has not, so I have a call to make when I get home. I'm also looking forward to seeing if anything's changed since Sunday (such as, perhaps, my ears arriving early), and then I still have to poke SPark about my tail, but I can just as easily do that before I shut this down.

That'll do it for now though, because it's quarter after~

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