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People at 7-11 are Stupid

They're advertising some cappuccino thing there, okay? How do they have it spelt on their sign? "Cappucchino" XD Then on the way back home, I could swear some guy yelled at me from his van, and there was what looked like a fire truck stopped right on top of the Lacroix St. bridge. Amazing what things happen at 11 at night :)

Earlier tonight sucked though. I wanted to go to Taco Bell for supper, but I knew if I went inside, I'd get asked to come in and work. Note that I didn't realize I had the "advantage" of having a cold right then. I decided "Well, what if we go through the drive through?" It seemed like it'd work, but who was on it? Josh. As soon as we pulled up to the window though, he asked me if I wanted to hang with him tonight, because he was done in a couple hours. I told him I couldn't because of my cold, then he switched the subject to asking me about EB Games last night. Frustrating, yes, but I'd already given him express permission to say whatever he wanted if things didn't work out.

The getting to Taco Bell in itself was frustrating enough though. For whatever reason, the Santa Claus Parade was running at 8 tonight. I don't know when it started, but we first drove up towards the bridge over by the police station, and found that traffic wasn't moving at all. Then we saw a float drive very slowly across the intersection. We backtracked from there, to the Lacroix St. bridge. It was blocked off as well, so we ended up going all the way over to the one that's on the same street as Subway, Value Village, Home Hardware, etc. (I can't think of the name), then all the way over to Taco Bell from there. And of course, by the time we reached the other side of the Lacroix St. bridge, the parade was over, and everyone was on their way home.

On the way, it also came to my attention that CKSY, at least, is playing Christmas music from now 'till Sunday. Why? If you're going to start now, you might as well keep playing it straight through 'till Christmas. Makes me glad I hardly use my radio anymore. I like Christmas music just as much as the next guy, but too much of it is, well, too much.

Anyways, I'm watching a movie now. Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. For some reason, it just came to my mind the other night, so I figured I'd download it. No, it's not The Secret, but I'll get to that one eventually :)

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