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Another One of Those Days

For several reasons. One, seeing / reading several things that put me in an off mood almost as soon as I wake up is fun. I'm not going to bother with what they are right now, in hopes that having said that will be enough to make me forget about it, but there are two other things. The second one is my laptop currently seems to have a problem with overheating, seeing as it's randomly shut down four times this afternoon as well as once shortly after I got home yesterday night, but for now, I've narrowed it down to only happening when I have a certain blanket draped across my lap. That doesn't explain what happened the first time, but I left it sitting in the arm of the couch then, so that might have done something. And as for the third thing, it's simply boredom. One of the things I could be doing with my time is tidying up my torrents partition (especially because I left it open when Madius was using my laptop on Monday night and he made a comment about how they kept going over their limit, when all the files on there were stuff I'd downloaded in the weeks or months before going there), but that's an awful lot of music to sort through. I'll get to it eventually though.

Speaking of him though, I blame the two of you, T-Dawg, for getting this song stuck in my head ^^; I haven't looked at the rest of his music yet, but this is the only one I could remember from Mungyodance 3, and I do like it <3

As for work, last night was annoying for more reasons than one, but Manoah stayed to close despite being scheduled to be done at 3 which helped. Otherwise, James would have been left to take down and clean line, and I very much doubt he knows how to do a whole lot of that. Closing tonight with George, Michelle, and Cindy, which I'm sort of not looking forward to again, because from the sounds of things, Michelle is presently of the attitude where she wants everything to be done the right way, up to and including not bagging line until two hours before close. This won't be the first time it's come up, as with many things around there, but it's aggravating being told "You can't do this or this or this" when you know it's going to be forgotten a few weeks in the future anyways. I am looking forward to next Friday though, because it's Halloween, and as such I'll be working my entire shift in my regular clothes (including tail, and ears if they're here in time), but I've also got to consider that I'll have gone to get part two of my tattoo done by then, and as such need to run back to the bathroom every so often to take care of it. That's another thing I forgot, actually. I haven't worked with Michelle in some time, and George has been off on some vacation for the past couple weeks, so of course we're going to ask each other what we've been up to, and I'll have pictures to show them~

But yeah. It's quarter-to right now, and I want to leave the house by 7:30 so I can head to Shoppers as well and find a birthday card for Mom. Originally I was thinking of Sobeys, yes, but Shoppers Drug Mart is quite close to Taco Bell, and I might opt to have supper there tonight anyways, so I'm going to post this and get my things ready~

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