Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Apparently I'm Somewhat Popular...

Stopped by Tim Hortons on the way home from work tonight, where the following conversation took place. For reference, [M] is me, [G] is the girl behind the counter, and [L] is the other lady that was working at the time.

I look over what they have, and begin to place my order
[G] Is that a tail?
[M] Yes, it is
[G] (on headset) The guy / dude with the tail is here!
[M] Apparently I'm... known ^^;
[G] (on headset again) Come up front!
[M] So... could I get those two chocolate danishes, a double-chocolate donut, and a Boston cream if you have any there?
A lady I've seen there before and another guy walk up front, and just sort of stare at me
[G] (to the other lady) Is that the tail you saw?
I turn so they can see it
[L] Yeah
[G] So do you just wear that everywhere or something?
[M] More or less~
[G] Well... just for the hell of it, or is there a reason...?
[M] Yes, there is a reason, but it's sort of complicated to explain
[G] Oh, okay
[M] You see, I am what is called a furry, and one of the things they do is dress up like this, and, well, you choose an animal for yourself, and... It's really an online thing, so you choose an animal to be online, and I chose a snow leopard, so I have the tails and stuff to match that
[G] Wow, that's cool. But if you remember a while ago, you were walking along and a couple kids said something about your tail. That was them
[M] Oh, I get... alot of comments on it, really ^^;

From there, she bagged my stuff, gave me my change (a whole five cents), and I left for home. I'm not sure who the kids she was talking about were, but otherwise, fun. I feel somewhat guilty too for saying that all things furry were strictly online, and for making it sound like all furries are into fursuiting (even though I referred to it as "dressing up"), but I suppose it's still better then just saying it's something I'm into, so meh.

Anyways, there are two other things of interest right now. For one, it's beautifully windy outside, leading me to think and really really hope that we may get even the slightest bit of snow soon. We were talking about how long we figured it'd be before it started earlier tonight, and everybody else still thinks I'm weird for wanting it to as soon as possible, but snow means it's Winter, and with Winter come Christmas and New Years' and my birthday and possibly other things like that, and I like it for the obviously furry reason too <3

As for the second thing, up until I got home it had been a couple days since I rubbed Curel on my back, but while changing tonight, I ran my fingers down my spine and the spots there felt somewhat dry :s It's better for now though, but strangely, after being rubbed in, the Curel doesn't feel like what it did before. It's rather similar to water now, when before, until it dried / was absorbed by my skin, it still felt somewhat sticky.

I should probably figure out something to write in the card I got Mom before I call it a night, but for now, meh. We aren't leaving for supper 'till ~6 tomorrow, and the two main problems I had with it have been resolved. Dad can't see any problem with me just paying for myself, and I told Michelle earlier that I might be a bit late for my shift tomorrow, and she changed the sheet so I start at 9 *shrug* I think I might have to wear my paws in though, because she showed quite an interest in my arm warmers earlier ^^;

But yeah. This was originally just going to be that conversation at the top, but it's grown to be a fair amount more than that, and I'm going to stop now before I keep myself up any longer~

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