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Awesome Start to the Week :3

Woke up this morning and opened my door to see a rather large box sitting in the hallway, so I shoved it in next to my chair, went about my business in the bathroom, wandered downstairs to see if anything else had shown up in the mail, then came back up here and went to sleep again. A couple hours after that, I woke up a second time, and went downstairs to check the kitchen myself (Mom and Naomi had been in there before, and they both said the mail hadn't shown up yet), and there was nothing at all, so I went out to the front hallway and opened the door to check the mailbox, and there were indeed several things in there, one of them being a padded envelope addressed to me.

Suffice it to say, I now have my ears (<3), and the first of three parts of Dad's Christmas present have arrived. The other two are the replacement needles and pack of batteries, which are apparently back-ordered, but they should be here in time for Christmas. Now all I have to do for that is buy some CD-Rs, but that can wait until December or whenever I buy everybody food of some sort. For now though, that means the only other things I'm waiting on in the mail are my card I'll be putting money on for MFF (I have the temporary one, but apparently I'll be seeing one with my name on it in the mail before too long (as long as Mom or Dad didn't throw it out)), and the tail I sent SPark to be fixed. Well, those and the other items mentioned above, but as far as I know they haven't even been shipped yet, and I have the main thing, so to my mind, everything is already here. Oh, and there was one other piece of paper in the envelope with my ears. That simple touch makes it so much better ^^

As for other things today, I talked to Keilian earlier, and apparently he's already finished the first Phoenix Wright, which was quite fast. Although I'm going to choose to assume that it wasn't so much the cases being easy, but rather that he really got into it and didn't want to put the game down, so meh. Talked to Deoge as well, mainly about the meet in Toronto on the 8th, and for now, our plans of what to do after may end up changing. Hopefully not, but he has to get ahold of another fur who's getting a ride to the meet to see what their thoughts are, so it's too early to say anything yet.

Otherwise, my original plans for tonight were to go to Tim Hortons later, but I'm going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, so I may just stay here and make french toast or something. I could always go out there tomorrow night, because I don't have to be at Underground Tattoos 'till 4 on Wednesday, so I can sleep 'till 2 or so. I've got until 6 in the morning either way though, so it all depends on what I feel like doing around 11 or 12~ Actually, I think I might *have* to head outside tonight. Why? Major Late October Storm. I do hope so, because it would be the most awesome thing ever to wake up tomorrow morning and see snow on the ground <3

Anyways, yeah. There's still one other thing I want to do before anything else tonight, so I might as well get busy with that~

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