Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Some Slightly Unusual Arrangements

I completely forgot I was supposed to call Mom when I got to work yesterday night. Specifically because there was a chance of us going over to Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark's place for supper, but she needed to know when I worked so she could call them and check if things would still work for them. I don't have to start 'till 9 tonight though, so it looks like I'm going, but that's where the unusual part comes in. For literally as long as I can remember, the *only* times we've gone over there were on Christmas Eve, then one random afternoon a couple years back but it was just either Dad or Mom and I. But meh. They live on Poplar, which is closer to Taco Bell than our house is, so I'll just bring my uniform along and probably walk up the street to work after we've finished eating.

Although there's a chance tonight that I'll get asked to start right away, because Joe is supposed to work 'till 1 in the morning, but he called in sick yesterday night, and did the same for the past couple closes he was supposed to work that I was on as well. And now that I've mentioned yesterday night, it was *almost* not worth being able to wear my tail and ears and regular clothes while doing stuff. Let's just say I started at 8, and from 9:00 'till 3 in the morning, I did not sit down, and had about ten minutes without cars for the whole night, and all of that slow time was spent cleaning things up and taking cold line down. I don't think it was so much being Halloween that made us busy, but rather that it was Friday night as well, thus everybody out at parties and stuff, parents that don't want their kids to go trick-or-treating (such as *cough* ours), and also whoever was just treating it as a normal night in going to the bar or whatever decided they wanted food. The best way I could sum it up is that we closed at 3. By the time I got home and sat down on my bed, it was twenty minutes after five, and it takes me about 20 minutes to walk home.

As for my trick-or-treating, I got several weird looks and comments about how I was a bit old, but I explained that I was on my way to work and figured I'd get some candy out of it, and went on to the next house. Then there were also a couple girls in the drive through at work that wanted to rub my tail and ears, and another lady that asked me if I was a skunk or something :s I have enough stuff to last me for a couple days though, and I'm more pleased with the fact that I didn't just convince myself to walk straight to work, so meh again.

Anyways, Mom just knocked on my door and said we need to leave in a few minutes, so I might as well get ready to go~

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