Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

"Aunt Joyce is Having an Early Christmas"

That's what I was told before leaving for work yesterday, and was also asked if I wanted to go. However, it doesn't help that neither Dad nor Mom know of the date. Sometime in December is all they've said, and frankly, I don't know right now. I would *like* to for several reasons, but it all depends on the date, because I plan to go back to London twice that month, as well as hopefully getting the third and final part of my tattoo done then, and I have about 8 days booked off for those things already. Now, I could just wait 'till December, and if I did happen to get scheduled for whenever we were supposed to be going, ask somebody to take my shift for me, but that doesn't seem like the best choice.

I'm still not sure what I'll be doing for this weekend though. I have Wednesday off, then close both Thursday and Friday, and Deoge plans on being here around 6 or 7 Saturday morning. Maybe if I explained things to Steve, he'd let me leave right at 3 on Friday, but I can't see that happening. Thus, figure that we'd be getting out of there around 4, and I will be asking for a ride home if anybody has their car. I'll be able to squeeze in maybe two hours of sleep at most, then probably sleep for a little bit longer on the way there. I've already looked over the schedule, but as far as I can see, George and Manoah are the only ones I might be able to switch shifts with, but George had Friday booked off, and Manoah is in training to become a manager, and I think he works on Friday anyways. I'll check again tonight and ask him though, and if not, well, I do always have the option of calling in sick as well, especially because I noticed my throat was getting rather sore yesterday, but if I'm going to be too sick to go to work, I can't very well say "But I'm feeling well enough to go to this other place". Feh.

As for other recent things at work, yesterday started off terribly bad (from my point of view), but it ended quite well, aside from having to walk home quite slowly because of some problem with my little toe. They started selling the new Fiesta Platters today, and I'm not entirely looking forward to making those tonight, but I may very well end up getting stuck on drive through again. That was one of the things that had me thoroughly pissed off last night, and I was actually going to write an entry about it when I got home, but it still wasn't done at 6 so I went to sleep, and I don't feel like starting it over again now.

Maybe it's the same sort of thing that came up last year because of the time change and it getting darker earlier and such, but mood swings are going to be the end of me. Feel free to substitute your own word for "end" too. Last night I was at the point where I was going to tell Sheila and Earl exactly what I thought of how they were scheduling closers, but I kept thinking about it for a bit, and reasoned that things couldn't end up quite as bad as I was picturing, and went back to dishes quite pleased because I thought I'd figured things out. That probably doesn't sound as serious as I want it to, but if I, in the span of a week, can go from being prepared to do or say things that may jeopardize my job or other part of my life to thinking "Oh, how silly of me to even think that", *multiple times*, something is wrong, and it's both extremely frustrating, and annoying.

A better example would be getting ready to leave for and walking to work yesterday night. When I left the house, I was both physically and mentally tired (but more mentally), and in no mood to go anywhere. By the time I got up to the King Street intersection, my mood had reversed completely. I had not quite a big grin on my face, and the thoughts going through my head were along the lines of "I am so happy I'm here right now". What there is special about walking to work at 8 at night with a tail and ears on is something I haven't quite figured out yet, but that is how I felt. Then I got to work, was informed that they had been dead, yet there was nothing done for closing (aside from bertha being bagged) and both Cindy and Steve were doting over Manoah like you wouldn't believe. Yes, he's in training to become a manager, but that doesn't require both of you to stand at front cash making sure he does things right. Besides, he's proven on more than one occasion that he knows how to do most of that stuff already.

Anyways, any semblance of feeling good ended there, especially when I went back and saw all the dishes to be washed as well as the new schedule. Things like that aren't limited to just yesterday night either, but that's the most recent example I can give.

And other than that, either my tail has shown up in the mail today, or SPark sent me a whole bunch of popcorn so it's good to have that back (even though I haven't opened the box yet), and yeah. I work again tonight, 9 - close, and hopefully it isn't raining then, because I've been eating an awful lot lately (perhaps it's related to my mood), and thus could stand to take a longer route to work. I also received an email from one of the furs attending the meet this weekend earlier today though, so I should write a reply to him before any more time goes by~

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