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Just now I heard a sound outside that I thought was rain falling, but instead of turning over and sticking my head out the window, I hit CTRL-3, refreshed, and was dismayed to see no mention of rain. Fog, sure, but you have to be outside to experience it, and I am in my room. I'm also laying on my back which I probably shouldn't be doing given that my tattoo is still healing, but I'm trying to not move around at all (aside from typing), and I figure at this point the biggest worry I have is rubbing any flakes of skin off before they loosen up enough themselves, and if I'm not moving, there's not much chance that'll happen. It's not flaking a terrible amount right now either though, so at this point I have at least a couple days left before I can stop worrying as much about it.

As for part 3 and everything else taking place in December, Dad supposedly sent an email off to Aunt Joyce before we ate supper earlier tonight (although he referred to it as a fax), but looking right now (for I still remember his login details), she hasn't replied yet, but maybe some time tomorrow afternoon. As for the other thing, I'm just waiting for my back to heal right now so I can have Naomi take a straight-on picture of it and mess around with where I want to add the last few spots. Then it's just a matter of heading back to Underground Tattoos some random night and asking Mel how much it would be. Or I could phone them as I've done the past two times, but she said something when I was in there on Wednesday about how I'd have to come back in some time so she could see how it had healed, because I was told several times to do whatever I did again, as the first part turned out awesome. She may have just been being patronizing as well, but I'm probably thinking too much now.

Then also I learned earlier tonight that the draw for the Secret Santa / Satan thing was done tonight because Keilian has his names, but I have nothing ;_; More than likely due to not having Madius on my MSN, and there are other ways of getting in contact with him that I can worry about tomorrow afternoon. On the presents note, we were informed at supper earlier that we won't be "exchanging gifts" with Aunt Marie and Uncle Mark this year, because he's retiring so they have to start watching their money, and I'm more or less indifferent about that. It was more something to look forward to when we were kids anyways, for the poring through the Sears catalogue and compiling a list of all the stuff we wanted, giving it to Mom and Dad who would take it to them, and from there they would choose one or more things that weren't overly expensive. Then after that we were always made to make a thank-you card or note, but the only one of mine I can remember is when I got a bunch of computer games (not all from them) and said "Thanks for the games, and here's a list of each and every one I got this Christmas". Well, there's also that email I sent them the year before last, but that sounds overly chummy now and it makes me cringe just reading it :s

On a completely unrelated note, I left a message on the board at work tonight asking if either Sheila or Earl knew if / when he would be going back to our winter hours because Steve's been complaining about how we shouldn't be open as late an awful lot lately, and I'm starting to get tired of him not doing anything about it aside from that. Then the Ramsey (the delivery guy) also told us that Environment Canada said we aren't supposed to get alot of snow this winter, and that sucks. Maybe they'll be wrong, but it's been quite mild out lately so I don't think they are. Lynn actually came in tonight to get food and was giving me a hard time about not having a jacket (she also wasn't pleased with the amount of cheese she got on her tacos but I won't go into that), and seriously, no. As long as nobody pulls what Sheila did a while back though (randomly giving me a coat I didn't want) things should be alright.

Anyways, as much as I may make it sound like I have too much time on my paws to be sitting here writing this at 6:30 in the morning, I do not, and thus I need to go to bed. Well, first I need to finish the 299th Link-a-Pix puzzle in Pic Pic, but that's what I use to calm me down before I go to sleep~

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